What To Write in Your Mother's Day Card: Best Ideas for Mother's Day Card 2023

 You know how you feel about her, but chances are she doesn't!  As if it weren't hard enough to say the right words, you've got to write them down, forever engraved on a Mother's Day card pretty soon!  No sweat; our professional team of BNS writers has some pro writer tips for you to tell mom (or your wife) exactly how special she is.  Don't worry - we'll give you all the credit!

1. Make it personal

A card that sounds too generic (something that could apply to anyone) is not going to get the same winning emotional response as one that picks up on something that's only true for the mom in your life.  To do this, think of one amazing and very specific thing that your mom does that makes you feel she is amazing.  Write that down and your card is a winner!

2. Show gratitude

It doesn't matter how many times you say it.  You cannot say thank you enough! Say it in two words or say it in ten, but say it.

3. Make a joke

There is no better way to make the mom in your life smile than to crack a joke - NOT about her, but about you!  Talking about how you're probably not the easiest to live with or something lighthearted and funny, along those lines, will make this mom of yours feel not just appreciated, but understood.

4.  Compliment her

Some moms want to be known for their physical beauty and other's for their intellectual beauty - or both.  Whichever it is, don't miss out on this chance to win her favour with compliments!

5. Wish her well and mean it

Once again, let's get specific with this one.  Simply saying, "I hope you get what you wish for," is really not personal and can sound insincere.  Take an interest in your mom enough to know at least one thing specific to her that she wants, and let her know that you know what it is and that you hope she gets it - because, of course, she deserves it!

Wishing all the incredible moms a wonderful Mother's Day 2023, this is BNS' editor in chief, Jasmine K Kara, signing out!

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