Authenticity for Success; Tips From Master of the Media Industry, ANOKHI LIFE's Raj Girn | Exclusive Interview for Winner Magazine | BNS News

 This past Sunday, the definition of "beauty and brains" manifested in the form of stunning attendees that had all come to accept awards for their significant contributions to the worlds of entrepreneurship and entertainment.  Behind all this glitz and glam was an individual who, herself, is the epitome of what she aimed to celebrate through her incredible Anokhi 20 platform: Raj Girn, the founder of ANOKHI LIFE.  At the 20th anniversary Anokhi closing celebrations, we were fortunate to get some impeccable tips from Raj Girn on building the right type of brand image with audiences for a media business to grow.  In this exclusive interview, Raj also shared the names of several brilliantly creative designers that she had chosen to collaborate with to create her custom iconic outfit for the evening.  Watch the full interview below with Winning Circle Series host, Jasmine K Kara, and founder of Anokhi Life, Raj Girn:

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