Apple iPhone 15 Pro: Shocking Upgrade Revealed by New Leak

 The year's biggest special event, at which Apple will unveil its newest iPhones and Apple Watches, is less than a month away. Details can be found here. That will probably happen on Tuesday, September 12.

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Although there have already been leaks concerning the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max's lack of protective cases, inclusion of unheard-of storage, and astounding display enhancements, it is now becoming apparent that the devices' potential for a lightning-quick performance boost. What we believe we know and why it matters are listed below.

Unknownz21, a leaker who is becoming more and more important, has tweeted information about the processor, RAM, CPU, and GPU for the next Pro phones. Some of these details have already been disclosed, but they have now been deconstructed to improve accessibility. Here is the tweet and its interpretation.

The A17 chip, which will power the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, was produced using the 3nm manufacturing technique, as the leaker is correct to do. More can fit on a CPU by reducing the number to the left of the nm, which stands for nanometer. It's best if you can fit more on. The A16, in contrast, has a manufacturing of 4nm, which is quite good. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are anticipated to be equipped with the A16.

The advantages of 3nm are enormous. According to MacRumors' Hartley Charlton, who said it beautifully, "The increased number of transistors that are made possible by 3nm allows the chip to perform more tasks simultaneously and at a faster rate, while using less power."

The source also states that the next generation of Pro iPhones would have six CPU cores and six GPU cores. Comparatively speaking, the A16 processor, which has six CPU cores and five GPU cores, is already extremely fast. Because there is an additional core, the system can operate at a higher performance level. Additionally, because the additional core is a GPU core (Graphics Processing Unit), the upcoming Pro iPhones will probably be able to produce graphics that are much more impressive. Ray-tracing perhaps for games? It will be a significant increase in power nonetheless.

Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, it appears like either 6GB or 8GB of RAM will support the A17 chip. It's unclear which, however it's feasible that 8GB of RAM will be utilised if the iPhone 15 Pro offers a version with 2TB of storage.

Apple will never include a component in a product unless it is confident that it can utilise it to the fullest extent possible. Therefore, if the leaked specifications' suggested upgrades materialise, Apple will need to have some awesome new features ready to use them. In less than a month, it will be made clear exactly what those are.


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