Instant Results With Instaland Immigration | Official Members of the BNS Best in Business List

In this review, we take a deep dive into an Immigration Services Provider that has made the BNS Best in Business List for top immigration service providers in Canada for 2023. 

The pillars of operational integrity that have qualified Instaland Immigration to make this list include: 

  • A commitment to clarity
  • Ethical operation
  • Accountability toward consumer experience
  • Strong client-communication protocols

Let's take a look at how Instaland Immigration excels in all these areas and more, while helping people achieve their immigration needs throughout Canada and India, as well:  

A commitment to clarity:

Instaland Immigration provides a number of services that help their clients land and thrive in Canada, and these are all thoroughly explained through their comprehensive website.  Some of these services include assistance with:

Federal Programs

The federal programs that Intaland Immigration assists with include:

Family Sponsorship

Self-Employed Program

StartUp VISA Program

Atlantic Immigration Program.

Permanent Resident Status

Instaland Immigration helps with renewal and consultation on how to maintain status as a permanent resident.

Immigration Appeals and Border related services

Individual case appeals and detention problems are part of the immigration assistance services that Instaland provides.

Provincial Nominee 

Instaland Immigration provides guidance in the following Provincial Nominee areas:

OOINP – Ontario Programs

BCPNP – BC Programs

AINP -  Alberta Programs

SINP – Saskatchewan Programs 

NSPNP – Nova Scotia Programs and all other provincial programs except Quebec.


The application to be granted Canadian citizenship, or when an infant is born in Canada, and to get a Canadian passport are challenging;  these are all areas in which Instaland Immigration can help.

Temporary Residents

Visitor VISA, Study Permit, and Work Permit are three types of temporary residency permits that Instaland has helped many immigrants with.

Ethical operation:

When it comes to the handling of such complex legal matters as immigration, it is critical that licensed professionals oversee the process. When working with Instaland Immigration on your immigration case, you can be rest assured that Tianna, the founder, is an active member in good standing with the ICCRC (responsible for professional standards).  Instaland Immigration is also certified with the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant).

Accountability toward consumer experience:

Their many positive reviews are a testament that Instaland Immigration delivers on the promises it makes to help meet the immigration needs of their clients.  Here is one review that shares a client's experience working with Instaland Immigration Solutions:

Strong client-communication protocols:

In addition to a strong track-record of client satisfaction, exhibited through their glowing reviews, Instaland Immigration has further enlisted as a BNS Best in Business feature, undertaking a partnership with our review organization to be an active on-going member in mediating any additional client feedback.  This truly shows an exceptional level of accountability toward hearing what their clients have to say, in the interest of maintaining their elite level of performance in the immigration industry. 

Considering all these reasons, we encourage you to feel confident in Instaland Immigration commitment to their pledge: "Upon knowing the full picture of your family members background and qualifications, Tianna will give thorough consultation to provide you most accurate information to secure your success in landing in Canada. "

If you are looking for an immigration services provider serving Canada, we recommend reaching out to Instaland Immigration.



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