$27.3 million will be given to postsecondary institutions in Alberta for technological research and innovation.

 As part of the province's Major Innovation Fund, Alberta institutions will receive $27.3 million over four years for cutting-edge technology research.

The Alberta government stated in a news release that the fund's objective is to aid post-secondary institutions in "accelerating research and commercialization in the areas of medical devices, electronic and mobile health, clean energy, and space and defence technologies."

Additionally, the government anticipates higher investments, employment growth, and talent retention.

In order "to capitalise on Alberta's research excellence and attract investments into the technology sector," the province said, the universities of Alberta and Calgary will collaborate with qualified post-secondary institutions and top industrial partners.

In response to the news on Tuesday, Court Ellingson, the opposition's critic for technology and innovation, released a statement.

Concerns about funding reductions for postsecondary education when the UCP was first elected in 2019 were highlighted by Ellingson's remarks.

source: https://globalnews.ca/news/9939499/alberta-universities-innovation-tech-research/
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