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Looking for the Best Nail Salon in Montreal for 2023 or some great nail design ideas?  

We've got the full scoop on the salon that has recently received this prestigious award from the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board for Best Nail Salon services in MontrealAcclaimed for multiple years by review boards like that of CBRB and Three Best Rated, Salon Vong's high standards of service and creativity are further exemplified in their hundreds of 5-star reviews and glamorous portfolio.  Further achieving distinction for exceptional vegan services, Salon Vong has shown that you can achieve great heights while extending empathy towards all living creatures.  Read on for our full review on the top-rated Montreal nail salon, Salon Vong:

"Since our doors opened, we strive to provide each and every client with the most enjoyable and relaxing manicure and pedicure services available. "

5 Reasons Salon Vong Should Be Your Go-to Nail Salon in Montreal

1. Amazing Designs 

While many salons simply execute single-shade and french manicures, Salon Vong showcases a bedazzling lineup of creative choices for their clients.  Whatever your style or preference of the season is, there is an amazing nail design idea Salon Vong has in their portfolio to suit your desire.  Here are some of our favourite designs:


2. Vegan Designs

Salon Vong is one step ahead of the others when it comes to empathy for all forms of life.  Considering their establishments footprint on the ecosystem around them, Salon Vong uses vegan polish.  Typically, components in regular nail polish come from animals. Common components include musk oil, which comes from male deer, and carmine, which is formed from boiled and crushed beetles, as well as guanine, a chemical derived from fish scales. When you go to Salon Vong for your mani-pedi, you can be rest assured that no living creatures are harmed in the name of beauty. 

3. Additional Services

Oftentimes, there are two beauty treatments that become a regular ritual for the well-groomed, and having the convenience of fulfilling these in one spot provides much needed convenience.  At Salon Vong, when you go in for your manicure and pedicure needs, you can easily sign up to cross waxing hair removal off your to-do list, as well.  Along with their nail services, their beauty services are extended to include waxing for any part of your body.  

4. Awards and Recognition

Holding their position amongst CBRB's top ranks for 2022, 2023, AND 2024, Salon Vong has shown consistency in meeting a superior bar of performance.  

Salon Vong has additionally been recognized for excellent service by Three Best Rated, and it is also set to make our BNS Best in Business List for top nail salon services in Canada for 2023.   

Along with meeting the CBRB's stringent representation criteria, BNA has met the selective requirements of the BNS Best in Business List.  The BNS Best in Business List is intended to recommend businesses that have demonstrated:

  • A commitment to clarity 
  • Ethical operation
  • Accountability toward consumer experience
  • A willingness to respond to future client inquiries, requests, or complaints sent through, following publication as a BNS Best in Business feature


5. Testimonials

Salon Vong has a history of pleasing clients, and we leave it to these clients to best express their satisfaction with Salon Vong's services.  

Maya Caplan writes: 

"I went to 4-5 salons before settling on Salon Vong. My nails were always in pretty bad shape and no colour would last longer than 2-3 weeks. I could not be happier with the service at Salon Vong. The nail techs are so friendly and really know what they’re doing. I particularly appreciate how they take their time caring for my nails before putting on the colour, and I love the little extra touches, like the warmed hand cream and hot towels they use at the end. My gel colour always last at least 4 weeks and my natural nails have never been longer or healthier!!!!"

Thao-My Nguyen Also writes: 

"Excellent VEGAN salon! Heart warming, quick and efficient nail techs that do designs. Clean environment, long lasting sets and affordable prices!"

If you are looking for a nail salon in Montreal, Quebec, we recommend reaching out to Salon Vong!     

Take a look at their social channels, below, for more information.

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