Tips for the Best Business Headshot

When it comes to capturing a professional and polished business headshot, there are several key tips to keep in mind:

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  1. Wardrobe Selection:

    • Avoid graphic logo T-shirts, band names, or funny slogans on your top. These might get cut off in the shot and look less professional.
    • Patterns and thin stripes don’t work well on camera or computer screens due to the moire effect. Opt for solid colors that look good regardless of image size.
    • Consider the tones of your clothing, especially if the photo may be converted to black and white.
  2. Combat Shiny Skin:

    • Studio lighting can sometimes make skin appear shiny or greasy. Use a bit of concealer or foundation for a matte finish.
    • Gentlemen, consider a quick face wash before the photo session to avoid excess shine.
  3. Hair Matters:

    • Neat and well-groomed hair is essential. Avoid flyaways or unruly strands.
    • If you’re due for a haircut, consider getting one before the shoot.
  4. Lighting and Background:

    • Natural light is your best friend. Find a location with soft, diffused light (near a window, for instance).
    • Avoid busy or distracting backgrounds. A plain wall or a simple office setting works well.
  5. Camera Setup:

    • If you’re taking your own headshot, use a sturdy surface for your camera (tripod or stable table).
    • Compose carefully: Ensure your face is centered and well-framed.
  6. Test Shots and Editing:

    • Capture a test shot to check lighting, composition, and expression.
    • Use the self-timer to avoid camera shake.
    • Afterward, consider basic editing to enhance the final image.

Remember, a professional headshot represents your brand and leaves a lasting impression. Invest the time and effort to create a headshot that reflects your competence and approachability! 

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