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Ubliss Medical Aesthetics, located in Bayside, Queens, NY, specializes in medical-grade treatments that blend nature with the latest in beauty science, making them a great fit for the BNS Best in Business List. They focus on treatments like Ultherapy, SYLFIRMX, Sculptra, Aerolase Laser, derma filler, IV therapy, and medi facial, all aimed at enhancing natural beauty and promoting self-care. The peaceful and welcoming environment, combined with state-of-the-art treatments, aligns well with the BNS Best in Business List's standards for excellence and innovation.

Here is the inspiring story of the founder, Yoonseon Nam, featured in the picture above:

The founder of Ubliss, a dedicated entrepreneur and aesthetic nurse injector, is a testament to perseverance and ambition. She immigrated to the USA from South Korea at the age of 16, driven by the American Dream. Her journey has culminated in the establishment of Ubliss, a medical spa in New York. She holds board certification in aesthetic and functional medicines from the AAOPM and is recognized as a national recommended aesthetic provider. Her story is a source of inspiration, highlighting hard work and determination in achieving business success as an immigrant.

Here's more about Ubliss Medical Aesthetics:

Ubliss Medical Aesthetics' success in client satisfaction is underpinned by their personalized approach to treatment, catering to individual beauty goals. They offer a range of specialized services, including non-invasive procedures, that focus on rejuvenation and wellness. Their ability to combine innovative treatments with a nurturing environment makes them a perfect candidate for the BNS Best in Business List, highlighting their dedication to customer care and quality services

Ubliss Medical Aesthetics' selection for the BNS Best in Business List is further exemplified by their exceptional client care and attention to detail. The spa's emphasis on creating a serene and therapeutic environment reflects their understanding of the importance of a holistic experience in aesthetic treatments. Their team of experts ensures each client receives a tailored experience that goes beyond surface-level treatments, focusing on long-term health and beauty. This commitment to providing comprehensive care in a nurturing setting is what sets Ubliss Medical Aesthetics apart and cements its place on the prestigious list. 

Ubliss Medical Aesthetics' recognition on the BNS Best in Business List is further bolstered by their innovative approach to aesthetic treatments. They continually embrace the latest technologies and techniques, ensuring their clients have access to the most advanced and effective treatments. This forward-thinking approach, combined with a commitment to personalized care, allows them to provide exceptional results that align with each client's unique beauty goals. Ubliss' dedication to innovation and customized care makes them a standout in the field of medical aesthetics.

Here is their full list of treatments:

1. Neurotoxin Treatment: A procedure using specialized substances to temporarily reduce muscle activity for cosmetic improvement.

2. Dermal Filler: Injectable solutions designed to enhance facial contours and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Sculptra: A long-lasting injectable that stimulates collagen production, improving skin texture and volume.

4. Microneedling: A skin rejuvenation technique involving fine needles to stimulate natural skin healing.

5. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection: A treatment using concentrated platelets from your blood to promote healing and rejuvenation.

6. PRP Hair Restoration: A hair growth technique utilizing PRP to stimulate hair follicles.

7. Laser Skin Care: Advanced laser technology used for various skin treatments, including resurfacing and pigmentation correction.

8. IV Therapy: Intravenous treatment delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream for various wellness benefits.

9. Vitamin Injection: Direct injections of vitamins for health and wellness improvements.

10. Ultherapy: A non-invasive procedure using ultrasound technology to lift and tighten skin.

11. RF Microneedling: Combining radiofrequency with microneedling for enhanced skin tightening and rejuvenation.

12. PDO/Mono Thread: Minimally invasive treatments using threads to lift and tighten sagging skin.

13. Exosome Therapy: With microneedling treatment involving exosomes for cellular repair and regeneration.

14. Medi-Facial: Medical-grade facial treatments tailored for specific skin concerns and rejuvenation.

15. Weight management: Weight management treatment with vitamin injections involves a comprehensive approach to maintaining a healthy weight, which includes administering specific vitamins through injections. This method is combined with personalized dietary plans, exercise routines, and lifestyle changes to enhance overall health and support effective weight control.

The inclusion of Ubliss Medical Aesthetics in the BNS Best in Business List is further supported by glowing testimonials from their clients. Customers have consistently praised the spa for exceptional treatments. They commend the professional and knowledgeable staff, particularly for their attention to detail and customer service. Clients have also expressed satisfaction with specific treatments like Botox and facials, noting significant improvements in their skin and overall well-being. These positive reviews underscore Ubliss's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, reinforcing their position on the prestigious list.

The founder of Ubliss Medical Aesthetics, whose vision and dedication have been instrumental in the spa's success and its recognition on the BNS Best in Business List, has created an establishment that embodies the principles of natural beauty and personalized care. Their leadership and commitment to blending nature with the latest in beauty science have positioned Ubliss as a top destination for those seeking advanced, yet natural-looking, aesthetic treatments. This founder's approach and philosophy are evident in every aspect of the spa, from the curated treatment offerings to the tranquil and welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, Ubliss Medical Aesthetics' recognition on the BNS Best in Business List is a testament to its exceptional blend of natural beauty treatments and advanced medical aesthetics. The spa, under the guidance of its visionary founder, has successfully created a sanctuary where clients can receive personalized care focused on enhancing natural beauty. The positive testimonials from clients further validate the high-quality services and customer satisfaction that Ubliss offers. This combination of innovative treatments, professional expertise, and a commitment to natural aesthetics solidifies Ubliss Medical Aesthetics as a leader in the industry. Discover more about their holistic approach to beauty on Ubliss Medical Aesthetics' website.





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