Dance for a Cause - BNS News Exclusive: Launch of the "Shukran Dance Challenge"

In a groundbreaking initiative blending art with altruism, BNS News is proud to announce the launch of the "Shukran Dance Challenge," a global campaign designed to support children facing crises in war-torn regions. This holiday season, dance schools and choreographers worldwide are invited to participate in a unique challenge that promises to bring hope through dance and music.

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Listen to Shukran

The challenge centers around the newly released song "Shukran," a harmonious blend of rhythms and melodies that transcends borders. The proceeds from this song, available on various social media platforms and music stores, are earmarked for humanitarian aid to children in need.

Listen to Shukran on all audio platforms or YouTube.
View the Shukran Lyrics Video.

BNS News is spearheading this challenge to encourage dance enthusiasts to create and share their choreography to the tune of "Shukran." By participating, dancers will not only showcase their talent but also contribute to a cause that extends beyond the dance floor.

Participants are encouraged to upload their dance videos on Instagram Reels or TikTok, using the "Shukran" audio. They should tag @bns_businessnews on Instagram or @bnsnews on TikTok, and optionally, the artists behind the song, @jasminekkara / @jasminekkara for Jasmine K Kara and @karlwolfs / @karlwolfs for Karl Wolf, to acknowledge their musical contribution and support for the cause.

The highlight of this campaign is the recognition that awaits the top dance schools and choreographers. Selected entrants will be featured on the 2024 BNS Best in Business List of the Best Dance Schools and Choreographers in the World, a prestigious compilation of the world's top dance talents. Additionally, winners will receive a special recognition badge, a mark of distinction that can be displayed on websites or email footers.


-Clothing and choreography must cater to family-friendly viewing

-Videos must not depict propagation of any political or religious views

-You may submit multiple entries

-Your business information page (social media or website) must accurately reflect the services you offer

-If reviews on reputable review platforms (such as Google) are available, these should indicate favourable experiences with your services and accountability as a service provider/ alternatively, a strong social media portfolio can serve as adequate reference (content, engagement, comments, etc)

For the purpose of collecting charitable funds: Tagging BNS News in your reel or TikTok includes media release permissions for BNS and affiliated organizations to use the work being tagged for publication, distribution, and commercial use of the work being tagged. Credit to the dance school or choreographer will be given by BNS News or affiliated organizations in the case of republishing. It is the sole responsibility of the account holder tagging BNS News to obtain prior consent from all individuals being featured in the video for possible republication for aforementioned uses .

This initiative is not just a contest; it's a global movement to unite the dance community for a significant cause. The initial list of winners is set to be published in early January, providing ample time for schools to showcase their creativity and compassion throughout December.

BNS News invites dance schools and choreographers worldwide to join this extraordinary challenge. By turning the spotlight onto those in need through the universal language of dance, the "Shukran Dance Challenge" aims to make a lasting impact, one step at a time.

If you would like your dance video with the Shukran audio to get on the radar of BNS News, please submit your information through the following form to increase your chances of being featured on the Best in Business list:

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