Empowering the Next Generation: BNS Hosts the 4th Annual CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

 The BNS News Group is once again at the forefront of fostering young entrepreneurial talent by hosting the 4th Annual CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. This prestigious event, in collaboration with top private schools and the Gifted Youth Families of Mensa, showcases the vibrant potential of young minds. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the BNS 'Best in Business' values, emphasizing the cultivation of strong business principle skills among the youth.

Aligning with BNS 'Best in Business' Values

The National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge stands as a testament to the commitment of BNS News to uphold the 'Best in Business' values. These values underscore the importance of integrity, innovation, and leadership—qualities that are crucial in the business world. Through this competition, BNS News not only promotes these values but also integrates them into the educational experiences of young entrepreneurs, preparing them to be principled business leaders of tomorrow.

Impact on Youth: Confidence, Preparedness, and Academic Stimulation

Participation in the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge offers myriad benefits to young individuals. It serves as an academic stimulant that pushes students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios, enhancing their understanding and retention. Moreover, tackling real business challenges builds their confidence and prepares them for future career challenges. Examples of past winners, who have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields, underscore the effectiveness of this initiative in shaping well-rounded, capable young adults.

Highlighting Past Winners and Their Innovative Projects

The competition has seen a diverse array of projects that not only demonstrate innovative thinking but also real-world applicability and business acumen. Notable past winners include:

  • Lucas Wilson of Mensa, who clinched victory with his eco-friendly business model focused on sustainable practices. His project not only highlighted his business skills but also reflected a deep commitment to environmental concerns.

  • Sonya Kara of Sidney Ledson Institute, who impressed the judges with her "Paw-sitively Awesome Pitch," a business plan centered around a pet care service that also contributes to animal welfare organizations. Her ability to intertwine passion with entrepreneurship exemplified the spirit of the challenge.

  • The team of Kenneth and Ethan of Sidney Ledson Institute presented an innovative educational tool called "Vocab Voyager," a web-based application designed to enhance vocabulary learning through interactive games and real-time feedback. Their project addressed a common educational need with a creative solution.

  • Another standout presentation was from highschool students from UTS, whose business pitch focused on leveraging technology to aid learning in underprivileged communities. This project was particularly notable for its social impact and practical application.

These winners exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit encouraged by the BNS values of innovation, leadership, and integrity, showing that young minds can indeed conceive ideas that are both inventive and commercially viable.

Learning from the Best: The Role of Expert Judges

Each year, the challenge features a panel of judges composed of experts listed on the BNS 'Best in Business' list. These judges bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from various industries, offering participants unique insights into the business world. Past judges have included notable figures from the 2023 and 2022 entrepreneurship challenges, who provided invaluable feedback and guidance to the contestants. Their involvement ensures that the standards of excellence and rigor in the evaluation process are maintained, mirroring real-life business expectations.

Learning from the Best: The Expert Judges

The CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge prides itself on having a panel of esteemed judges from the BNS Best in Business List, each bringing their unique expertise and professional success to the table. The 2023 challenge featured a diverse group of individuals who played a crucial role in mentoring and evaluating the participants. Here are some of the distinguished judges from this year's challenge:

  • Raj Dhanjal from Farang Martial Arts: Raj is not only a high-ranking martial arts official but also a successful entrepreneur across various industries including automotive, hospitality, music events, real estate, and more. As the founder of Farang Martial Arts, Raj brings a blend of entrepreneurial, mental, and physical strength to the judging panel.

  • Jennifer Donovan from J. Donovan Law Group: Jennifer exemplifies leadership with a cause, having built a successful law practice that emphasizes social justice and growth. With nearly two decades at the bar, Jennifer's experience as a lawyer, mediator, business coach, and mentor makes her an invaluable guide for the young contenders.

  • Bradley Jacobson from Ultra Vac: Known for his unique blend of psychological and engineering expertise, Bradley has transformed UltraVac into a nationally recognized brand in the duct cleaning industry. His innovative approach to brand image and leadership has not only captured the attention of TV audiences but also earned accolades.

Adding to this distinguished panel, the 2022 challenge also featured a memorable lineup of judges who brought their own unique perspectives and insights:

  • Nicole Pollock: Co-founder of Cotton Candy Events Staffing, Nicole leveraged her experience as a former Toronto Raptors cheerleader to build an innovative and award-winning brand ambassador company. Her business acumen and energetic approach have greatly influenced the entrepreneurial landscape in Toronto.

  • Chef DK: A passionate culinary inventor, Chef DK turned a home-based business during the pandemic into one of Toronto’s most popular new Korean fusion restaurants, Taste Bender. His journey from a small startup to a celebrated dining establishment offers invaluable lessons in perseverance and innovation.

  • Chanelle Fleming: Founder of OneSkn Inc., an award-winning skin care clinic in Calgary. Chanelle started her business at only 22 years of age, demonstrating remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and vision. Her success story is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs, showcasing what is possible with creativity and determination.

These judges bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, helping to shape the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing rigorous feedback and real-world business wisdom. Their diverse backgrounds and achievements not only set a high standard for the competition but also inspire the participants to strive for excellence in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Anticipation for This Year's Challenge

As the excitement builds, the details of this year's finalists and judges are highly anticipated. BNS News promises to announce these details soon, continuing its tradition of transparency and engagement with its audience. This announcement is not just news but a call for all aspiring young entrepreneurs and their mentors to gear up for another exhilarating competition.


The CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge is more than just a competition; it is a cornerstone of BNS News’ commitment to nurturing future generations. By aligning with 'Best in Business' values and involving esteemed judges from the business community, BNS News fosters an environment where young minds can thrive and prepare to meet the challenges of the business world head-on. This initiative not only enhances their academic journey but also instills a robust entrepreneurial spirit that will serve them for years to come.

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