Resilience and Radiance: Ruthie Vartanian's Journey to Empowering Wellness at Snatch Me Up California

In the radiant heart of California’s High Desert, Ruthie Vartanian, CEO and founder of Snatch Me Up California, has carved a niche for herself with an unwavering passion for beauty and wellness. Her journey is not just about enhancing physical beauty; it’s a testament to resilience, faith, and community. Opening her doors amid the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic and overcoming personal tragedies, Ruthie has turned Snatch Me Up California into a symbol of hope and success. Named the Best Day Spa of 2023, Ruthie’s establishment is more than a spa—it's a hub for empowerment, hosting events like the annual 'You Were Made to Sparkle,' aimed at uplifting women entrepreneurs. In this exclusive interview, Ruthie shares her inspiring story, underpinned by a fierce commitment to honesty, customer satisfaction, and a heartfelt mission to motivate and support other women.

Never set false expectations, regardless of the task's magnitude. Remember, for every unhappy customer, they'll tell 10 people, but for every happy customer, they'll tell 20 potential customers.

  Ruthie Vartanian, Owner/CEO of Snatch Me Up California

Q & A with Ruthie Vartanian, CEO/Owner of Snatch Me Up California

What services does Snatch Me Up California offer?

At Snatch Me Up California, we offer a variety of services designed to meet our clients' diverse beauty and health needs right here in Victorville. Along with Cryotherapy for permanently freezing fat, Pelvic Floor Therapy, Teeth Whitening, and Booty Enhancement, we have our Contour Light treatment. I'm particularly excited about the Contour Light because it not only melts, tightens, and tones fat but is also extremely beneficial for treating hair loss, pain related to injury, surgery, or inflammation, and various conditions like Osteoporosis, Arthritis, RA, Lupus, and MS. It's also invaluable for managing post-op Cysts and crucial for maintaining and extending the life of a Brazilian Butt Lift.  

How did you first get the idea to start Snatch Me Up California, and what purpose did you intend to serve with the concept?

My passion has always been in the beauty field. I wanted to offer services and customer care to every age group, aiming to help clients achieve their body goals without surgery. 

Which milestones have marked meeting benchmarks towards the fulfillment of your personal goals/ the company's vision and goals? 

Despite opening during Covid and enduring personal loss with my mother's passing due to the disease, I was determined not to let it deter me from pursuing my dreams and the vision my mother would have wanted for me. 

Which steps have you taken for the company to achieve the level of consumer trust that has been nationally recognized? 

Through my faith in God, honesty, transparency with customers, and unwavering support from my husband, Snatch Me Up California has achieved the success and recognition beyond my dreams.  

What part of your education or other experiences do you feel was the most helpful in preparing you for success?

Being a member of uplifting groups, including the Chamber of Commerce, has greatly showcased my business. Additionally, I have taken numerous classes to equip myself with the skills necessary for success.      

Which strategies have you found the most effective in growing your audience/ bringing awareness of your service to a larger consumer group?

I invested in a drone aerial video of my business for easy location identification by customers. Also, I initiated the "You Were Made to Sparkle Event," catering to women entrepreneurs, which has been a tremendous success and is now in its second annual run.         

Are there any challenges that made it difficult to continue operation and that you managed to overcome?  What was your approach to get past these?

Despite personal loss and the challenges posed by Covid, my determination to make my family proud kept me going. I refused to let circumstances steal my dreams.         

What are some ways you use your success to give back to the community/any causes that are meaningful to you?

With the support of my husband and faith in God, I aim to inspire others, particularly women, to realize their beauty and potential.     

What are your future plans to build on your personal/ company achievements and fulfill your vision for success/ what developments can your audience or clientele look forward to expecting next?

I am constantly exploring new services that deliver true and lasting results. Snatch Me Up California's recognition as the best Day Spa of 2023 has filled us with pride, and we're committed to continuing to serve our community with excellence.     

What advice would you like to give readers that hope to achieve success in your field?

Honesty is key! Never set false expectations, regardless of the task's magnitude. Remember, for every unhappy customer, they'll tell 10 people, but for every happy customer, they'll tell 20 potential customers.    

Is there anything else you would like to share with Winner Magazine readers?

As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I want every woman to know that with God first in your life, anything is possible.     

We thank Ruthie Vartanian for sharing her inspiring journey and insights with Winner Magazine's readers. If you are looking for top-quality beauty and wellness services in the Victorville area, we highly recommend reaching out to Ruthie at Snatch Me Up California!

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