10 Ways to Boost Your Toddler's Brainpower

It is a fact that a child's brain grows rapidly during the first three years of their life. You, as a parent, can make the most of this opportunity by doing activities that jump-start your toddler's brain, and even by getting them on track while their still a baby!  Activities like eating, walking, plating, reading, singing, and even cuddling are good for toddlers' brain development. Here are 10 ways to boost your toddler's brainpower.

1.       Try Problem Solving Games

Games like block patterns, nesting games, and matching games help your toddler to learn problem-solving abilities. They also help develop logical reasoning, patience, curiosity, and how to work towards achieving a goal.

2.       Consider Games that Help Develop Thinking Skills

You can help develop your child's thinking skills by trying paper puzzles. You can also play the opposites game where you teach the child about opposites like small or big, up, and down, hard, and soft, etc. You can find some interesting puzzles here.

3.       Start Baby Talk

If your baby coos at you, you need to respond with delighted vocalizations while ensuring that you draw out syllables. It will help your child to absorb all the sounds of your preferred language.

4.       Get Going with Hands-On Activities

Ensure that your child engages in activities like puppets, patty-cake, etc., that will allow your child to use their hands and physically interact with the world.

5.       Always Be Attentive

When your child points to something, you need to talk about the things that interest the toddler. Doing that will confirm that the baby's interests and observations are important for you.

6.       Choose Books

It's also a good idea to foster an early passion for books in your kids. Choose books that have huge and colorful pictures and interesting stories you can read to them.

7.       Build Baby's Self-Love for Their Body

Though self-love is important at all ages, it is essential at the beginning. You need to teach your baby some self-love for their body by touching them often and telling them how beautiful/handsome they are.

8.       Respond to Every Cry

Whenever your baby cries, they are trying to communicate with you.  Often, you will need to soothe, cuddle and nurture them in response. This will help to reassure your baby so that they feel some emotional security.

9.       Be Focused

When your baby is playing or doing something fun, you need to get involved as possible. Checking your Instagram at such times is a bad idea!

10.   Try Body Massage

Anyone who has ever raised a baby will agree that massages are essential for babies. You should do it daily to help lower your baby's stress levels and offering them emotional security. Loving touches will also help with growth. Here are some useful tips.

Final Words

All in all, it can be said that there is a lot that parents can do to help a baby's brain development. If you want to ensure that your baby has a normal-sized and active brain, you better start trying the above-mentioned ideas. Try them one at a time, and make sure your baby is comfortable! Good Luck!

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