Home office ideas for when you're tight on space!

Lockdown may have necessitated working from home, however, many Canadians are now embracing the idea of opting to designate a convenient productivity space in the comfort of their homes.  While the idea of a home office space can be exciting, it's sometimes a challenge to get around to finding a space of your own and sprucing it up  - after all, there may be so many occupied spaces that it can be hard to decide where and how to begin!

We want to help push that self-care project along.  Here are a few visual concepts that may inspire you to get started on designing a space that makes you feel like a boss while you're hard at work!

Home Office for Small Spaces

Source: theSpruce.com

We couldn't get over how simple yet refreshing this office set up is!  Finding a spot by a large window with a nice view may be exactly what the doctor ordered to feel alert and inspired through the work day.

Home Office for the Bedroom

Source: Decoist.com 

Rising metropolitan real estate values and populations mean that more well-to-do Canadians are finding ways to get comfortable in homes with fewer rooms.  This bedroom office is the perfect example of how to double-up the use of a room when you're limited on space.  Pairing a murphy bed with a wall desk unit is a great way to have it all without breaking the bank or needing to move to the suburbs!

Home Office for the Basement

Source: Pinterest.ca

There is nothing better than an L-shape desk to maximize the use of a space, especially in a space that typically open and shared, like most basements.  We like the idea of basement offices because there is usually room to set up entertaining family amenities like pool tables and theatre systems, making work breaks all the more fun!

Home Office in a Shed 

Source: BackyardUnlimited.com

Are the spouse and kids taking up all the space in the house? Or are you simply trying to get away from all the noise?  A shed office might be just right for you!  

July 28, 2021

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