Where to Get the Some of the Best Soy Wax Candles in Canada- P&A Candles Does It Right

Soy wax candles are a unique innovation as they are more sustainable than paraffin wax and have loads of other benefits. When you want to buy some of the best soy wax candles in Canada, there's one name you can trust- P&A candles. Started by a husband-and-wife duo, the candles are magnificent, marvellous, and even seem magical. We had a chat with the leaders of this fresh brand and explored what makes the P&A candles so unique that they are considered one of the best soy wax candle vendors in Canada.

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The Journey

When asked how and when P&A candles started its journey, Paolina (the owner of P&A candles, who owns the business with her Husband Anthony said, "We were sitting in our backyard on our swing, thinking about starting our own business. Since we are avid candle lovers, we decided to start our own candle business. Best decision we have made. We are very passionate about what we do and love what we do." Explaining the name, she added, "We decided to use the first initials to our name. I am Paolina, and my Husband's name is Anthony, hence P&A."

The Mission

Talking about the mission of P&A candles, Paolina said, "Our mission was to provide high-quality candles at a great affordable price. In addition, we wanted to be known as a business that takes care of its customers. We are very dedicated individuals and strive for satisfaction. Plus, we love to have fun!" The brand has certainly achieved that with scores of happy customers.

The Current Goals

Sharing the company's current goals, Paolina stated, "Our goal as a company is to expand our social media presence and increase our sales and product line. We want everyone to know that P&A Candles is a business they can rely on and trust for their candle needs."

What Puts P&A Candles the Among the Best Soy Wax Candles in Canada?

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Giving reasons for what makes P&A Canada a smart choice for customers seeking the best soy wax candles in Canada, Paolina said, "We are a husband-and-wife duo that loves what we do. We make 100 percent soy wax candles that are plant-based and are vegan, and animal friendly. We use premium fragrance oils and use cotton wicks. We are proud Canadians and love to shop local and support local. We perform live shows on our Instagram page. We are very affordable in pricing and have high-quality standards."

The Naming and the Live Shows

Explaining the clever naming system and the appealing live shows they do, Paolina said, "We have clever names when it comes to the Fragrances that we use. For example, Viva Vanilla, Crazy for Coconuts, and Lovely Lavender, to name a few. We use clever photos for our labels. Our labels are very unique. We also are made-to-order, which means we make your candles from scratch. We love to have a good time. We enjoy doing our live shows on Instagram on Saturday nights, where we showcase all our candles, and we dance and sing. We have wonderful personalities and enjoy dealing with people. We love to communicate with everyone."

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A Generous Brand

As sharing is caring, P&A Candles also donates generously. Highlighting this, Paolina said, "We donate to charities. We have donated to Sick Kids hospital and other charities, and we will continue to do so in the future as well."

Stressing that customers matter the most to the soy candles brand, Paolina said, "We love what we do and appreciate any opportunities. We love to put smiles on customers' faces. We love customer feedback and their photos. You can check us out on our website www.pacandles.com, on Instagram @pacandles, on TikTok @pacandles, and YouTube P&A Candles. You can reach us directly via email at p.a.candlecompany@gmail.com or find us on Etsy.

As a reporter, it was a pleasure knowing Paolina and Anthony and their brand P&A Candles which is undoubtedly one of the best soy wax candles brands in Canada. Try some of their products, and you will certainly agree! Visit the website now!


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