Cushman and Wakefield for Commercial Real Estate Needs

When you are looking for one of the top real estate providers for commercial real estate needs in Canada, one of the names you will come across on any search is Cushman and Wakefield. From Google reviews we have read, the company puts the clients first, is driven by dedicated people, and strives for innovation. It is a 100-year-old company that has a presence in 60 nations. It also has 50,000 team members and generated a revenue of US 7.8 (About CA$ 9.84) billion in 2020.

Cushman and Wakefield started as a small family business in New York about 100 years back, and since then, it has been a real estate services firm that delivers exceptional value for real estate owners and occupiers. It specializes in meeting the commercial real estate needs of people, entities, SMEs, and huge corporations.

Industries Served

Cushman and Wakefield serves the following industries:

·       Automotive- The automotive advisory group is there to guide you if you want to attain success in the automotive industry.

·       Retail, Logistics, and E-commerce- The company offers omnichannel solutions to keep you current in an evolving landscape.

·       Education- You get guidance in intelligent real estate decision-making to attract the best and brightest students for generations to come.

·       Oil & Gas/ Energy- Cushman and Wakefield's executives help meet companies' strategic and tactical real estate requirements in the oil, natural gas, electric, and alternative energy sectors.

·       Food & Beverage- Experts will guide you on smart real estate decisions to take your business forward.

·       Healthcare- The executives will optimize portfolios to better support the business missions of owners and occupiers.

·       Land- The Land experts at Cushman and Wakefield help you identify investment goals and recommend a custom-tailored land strategy.

·       Life Sciences- Cushman and Wakefield's experts help life science companies create flexible real estate strategies to attract and retain top talent while managing efficiency and costs.

·       Repositioning/Redevelopment of Malls- The experts help real estate owners and developers reimagine traditional shopping centers, malls, and lifestyle centers.

·       Non-Profits- The experts guide non-profit organizations to control costs while positioning the brand to fulfill the organizational mission.

·       Ports- The professionals from Cushman and Wakefield analyze ocean cargo and container-movement trends to help clients make decisions based on intelligent market knowledge.

·       Government- The government specialists help property owners with the complexities of positioning their assets for government tenancy.

·       A few other industries Cushman and Wakefield serves are rail, retail, specialty food & beverage, sports, and entertainment, 3PL, and of course, the public sector. Read more about them here.

Other Services

Some other handy services offered by Cushman and Wakefield are banking and financial services that allow you to build smart real estate portfolios for investment purposes and data center expertise that lets clients like you ease site selection, appraisals, and facilities management to sales and leasing. Cushman and Wakefield also uses emerging technologies to help understand where a business is growing and how you can scale the real estate strategy to match your growth. In addition, Cushman and Wakefield offers a number of legal and financial services.

Spreading the Joy

The Cushman & Wakefield Charitable Foundation focuses on educational programs, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), Affordable housing and homelessness prevention, and Community Outreach and after-school enrichment to do its bit for society.

Get in Touch

Whether you are looking to lease retail or office space in Greater Vancouver or buy Industrial land in the Fraser Valley, the experts at Cushman & Wakefield offers the right services & expertise to help you make the right next move. That's help make it one of the top real estate firms in Canada for commercial needs. To find out more, click here.


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