15 Time Management Strategies You Need to Try Now

Do you often feel that you are short on time? Are you often confused about which tasks to prioritize? Are your business and your personal life suffering because you can't dedicate enough time? If so, here are 15-time management strategies that will help you make more time for the right things and avoid spending it on the wrong ones.

1.       Create a List- The first step to successful time management is to create a list and divide all the tasks you want to do into sections like priority, important, non-essential.

2.       Group Similar Tasks- The next step is to group similar tasks so that you can be done with them at once. For instance- you can make all important calls in an hour that you alloy for calling.

3.       Learn to Say No and Delegate Smartly - When learning time management, you need to learn to say no to tasks that you can't fit into your schedule to accommodate other people. Also, learn to delegate some tasks to others (especially the non-essential tasks)

4.       Spend Less Time in Meetings- If you spend a lot of time in meetings, you need to cut that down. Instead, use emails or phone communication to send a message to multiple people.  Even WhatsApp groups are cool!

5.       Reduce Distractions- Avoid distractions that might motivate you to lose focus when you are short on time. For instance, don't attend a personal call during work hours unless it's an emergency. Instead, leave the chatter for later.

6.       Stick to a Schedule- You can also better manage time by creating a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule for yourself. Then, follow it precisely and don't deviate from it.

7.       Go Digital- Gone are the days when you wrote your schedules on paper and then forgot them somewhere. It's time to create digital schedules (with reminders)

8.       Pick Single Tasking- Do one thing at a time but do it with all your focus and attention. Complete it successfully and then move to the next!

9.       Set Deadlines- If you often find yourself not motivated enough to do some tasks, it's better to set deadlines for them. It will help you to stay motivated! Add a reward for yourself to up the game.

10.   Set Goals- Make a list of things you need to get done in a day, week, or month and keep yourself motivated by attaining small goals every day.

11.   Use a Timesheet- Stay on top of your schedule by measuring how much time you have spent on which tasks and which ones are left. It will help you to stay focused.

12.   Use Collaboration Tools - Make use of collaboration tools to stay connected with all important people.

13.   Don't Overwork- Don't work more than 40 hours a week as you might compromise your health and productivity and not be at your best when you overwork yourself

14.   Learn About Your Productivity Peaks- Know when you are most productive during the day- 11 am, for instance, and do the most important tasks at that time.

15.   Use Idle Time Smartly- If you have idle time (like when you commute), make the most of it to do productive tasks like listen to voicemails or learn from an educational video)




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