Exploring One of Toronto's Top Caterers / Baked Goods Suppliers - Carla's Cookie Box

Who doesn't like a tasty treat every once in a while? If you also have a sweet tooth and are looking for a reliable one among the top caterers or baked goods suppliers in Toronto, you need to know about Carla's Cookie Box. It's an online bakery that offers delicious delectables at great prices and your doorstep. It has featured on Taste Toronto, Breakfast Television, Cityline and was the recipient of the Canadian Business Review Board 2021 Best Business in Canada Award.

What Makes Carla's Cookie Box One of the Top Caterers/ Baked Goods Suppliers in Canada?

Award-Winning Butter Tart

Carla's Cookie Box is also the home to an award-winning Butter Tart, which is not just a Butter Tart but an Experience on its own!

Corporate Solutions

Carla's Cookie Box provides a range of corporate boxes that can be used for corporate gifting to suppliers, partners, and even employees. The corporate package can be created according to your budget and requirements. Everything is customizable.

Supporting Locals

At Carla's Cookie Box, the focus is on supporting local businesses. Everything from the ingredients to packaging and from stickers to delivery services are sourced locally.

Timely Deliveries

After placing an order, a client can expect timely delivery of freshest goods. Whether you place an order of one item or 2,000, the delivery with never be delayed! They also follow COVID-19 protocols to ensure safer deliveries.

Food Safety Protocol Adherence

The brand keeps up with all the food safety certifications and follows government protocols to ensure complete food safety. So, every bite you take will be safe!

Free Shipping within Canada

If you place an order worth CA$ 75 or more, you can get free shipping on your order.

Quick Shipping Across Canada and the USA

Next-day shipping is available in most cases. Clients can pick the shipping date too. It offers shipping across the US and Canada.

Secure Checkout

The company ensures secure checkout and offers multiple payment options: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX.

A Great Gifting Idea

People who are always confused about last-minute gifting can trust Carla's Cookie Box to choose gifts for loved ones like spouses, siblings, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others. The brownies are always a hit!

Popular Options

Some of the drool-worthy options at Carla's Cookie Box are The Fatties that cost CA$ 22.00, Alpha Macs that cost somewhere between CA$ 75.00 to CA$ 217.00, Deep Fudge Brownies that cost about CA$ 16.00 to CA$ 58.00 and Award-Winning Butter Tarts that cost between CA$ 17.00 to CA$ 62.00.

The Inspiring Story

There's an inspiring story behind Carla's Cookie Box. Carla was born Canadian, raised Italian, and always had a love for baking. She transformed her passion into a career at the age of 39 when sudden job loss and the responsibility of three children pushed her out of her comfort zone. Her leap of faith paid off, and her passion is now a successful business.

Talking about it, she says, "I made the decision to start this little business during one of the most desperate time of my life. It was incredibly scary and invigorating at the same time.  The one thing that drove me and continues to drive me is my children. I wanted to show my children that it is never too late to dream and follow a passion. There is beauty that lies underneath hard work and determination."

Sounds interesting? You can click this link to shop from Carla's Cookie Box. You can also follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn.     



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