4 Signs You Need to Expand Your Work Team

Small business owners are always concerned about whether they need to hire more employees or not. Some business owners end up hiring more people than they need, while most of them don't hire more people (and add to the expense) when their start-up is new and hasn't seen much success. If you want to make this crucial decision, too, then here are 4 signs you need to expand your team.

1.       You End Up Doing Several Non-Essential Tasks

As a business owner/manager, you must value your time. Measure how much time you spend on non-essential tasks like marking attendance or preparing payroll and compare it with the time spent on essential tasks like bringing in more revenue, meeting new clients, etc. If the former is higher than you expected, you should learn to delegate. If no one is there to take on those tasks, it's time you expand your work team.

2.       Your Customers Aren't Happy

Most businesses survive and thrive only because of one core reason, they keep the customers happy. If your customer complaints are rising, and you don't have enough time to respond to all the prospective customers' queries, it's time for you to expand your team and bring in some experts who can handle all customer requests deftly.

3.       Everyone at Your Office is Overworked

Another sign that clearly says you need to expand your team is that your staff is constantly overworked. If you see shadows beneath the eyes of most of your team, or they yawn too much during important meetings, it's time to expand your team and hire more helping hands. When you hire more people, you can give existing ones a better designation and a team to manage so that they feel their career graph is growing and they can grow with your company.

4.       You Have a High Employee Attrition Rate

Another sign that says you need to expand your team is the increase in employee attrition rates. If your loyal employees are leaving you because they feel overworked, dissatisfied, or underpaid, it's time to hire more people before all the loyal ones leave you. When hiring new people, make sure you tell them the challenges of your start-up, the kind of work expected, and what makes your start-up unique (work from home option, flexible hours, etc.) When candidates see what's in it for them, they would be more likely to join your company.

When planning to expand your team, ensure that you look at the budget and don't end up hiring more people than you can afford to pay. It's always best to sit down with your finance people and create a hiring budget. If you don't have an HR department yet, you can always pick a hiring agency to help you search for new people. It's a quicker, cheaper, and reliable way to hire people fast without getting too involved in the entire tedious process.

Also, here are some effective recruitment strategies for your team expansion plans. Good Luck!



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