6 Ways AI Can Benefit K-12 Classrooms

If you live on this planet in 2021, you must have felt or heard about the ever-increasing presence of artificial intelligence. From beauty to healthcare and from manufacturing to education, there's no industry AI isn't improving. Read on to know what AI is and 6 ways AI can benefit K-12 Classrooms.

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

In simple words, artificial intelligence could be a machine, software, or system that can learn or be trained on how to make decisions within certain contexts without being programmed for a full range of situations that might come up. For example- voice recognition software can recognize the voice of different individuals and obey their commands.

6 Ways in Which AI Can Benefit K-12 Classrooms

Integrating AI with education is a smart move. Here's a list of 6 ways in which AI can benefit K-12 classrooms.

1.       Helps with Academic Success of Learners

AI can help tackle challenges of the education industry like a shortage of teachers or a high number of school dropouts. With the help of machine learning, a system can automatically generate knowledge by processing data that has been collected. Then it creates models and patterns and even makes decisions. There are remote learning platforms that consider all success and failure pathways of the students and create intervention models to ensure learners' success. The remote learning platforms send personalized reminders to learners and help them succeed.

2.       AI Allows Teachers to Save Time

The increased use of AI means the role of humanoid robots increases in the classrooms. They help teachers with time-consuming tasks by automating such tasks. The time teachers save can be used to focus on the student's needs.

3.       Chatbots are a Huge Boon

Artificial intelligence tools like chatbots are helping students in different parts of the world to get the right answers for their homework quickly. This enables the students to complete all the homework quickly and has an interactive learning experience.

4.       AI Ensures Quick Problem Solution

Thanks to visual recognition software, solving problems has become easier for students. For instance, if a student is struggling with mathematical issues, they can use a learning platform named Photomath that allows a person to snap a picture of a mathematical equation and resolve the problem while providing a step-by-step solution.

5.       AI Makes Personalized Learning Possible

With the help of AI, students who have to face language barriers can get some help. Various tools allow a person to get educated in a language they prefer and understand. Similarly, AI tools provide users with personalized learning exercises that make education more fun and less stressful.

6.       AI Improves Learning Assessment

Thanks to AI, the tedious task of teachers assessing students' work becomes easier. Several automatic correction apps make correcting students' assignments easier and free up the time of the teachers. However, these assessment apps are not perfect, and human intervention is still essential.

Which of these benefits of AI for the education industry were you aware of? Let us know in the comments. Also, here's a list of education companies using AI even now.




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