Guide and Grow Daycare- One of the Top Daycares in Canada

When looking for one of the top daycares in Canada, you can trust Guide and Grow Daycare. With an aim to "help your child to be an Engineer of Tomorrow," this daycare provides varied activities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Here are a few reasons that make this daycare one of the best in the vicinity.

What Makes Guide and Grow Daycare One of the Top Daycares in Canada?

The Inspiring Story

Guide and Grow Daycare is an inspiration/vision that emerged in the mind of a Computer Engineer turned Childcare Provider, Madiha Nasri, when she was at home fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother while working as a professional simultaneously. At that time, she identified the need for a quality STEM program for young minds to fully equip them with 21st-century skills.

She wanted to design an ongoing series of activities to involve children's learning through play and help them get ready for the challenging world around them. Her focus was to incorporate her Professional Engineering approach into early years education to develop strong connections in young minds through a specially designed STEM curriculum. She did it spectacularly.

Now, she works with a team of highly qualified ECEs who design special programs for young minds, providing them a learning space to polish themselves! She is one of the frontrunners of the amazing Revolution in Early Childhood Development and Guide and Grow Daycare is where she makes things happen.

Catering Different Needs

Guide and Grow Daycare caters to the young minds of Infants (12 months to 18 months), Toddlers (19 months to 30 months), and Preschoolers (31 months to 60 months).

Varied Activities

Guide and Grow Daycare, one of the top daycares in Canada, offers the following activities:

·       STEM Projects

·       Pretend Play

·       Library Reading

·       Music & Singing

·       Puppet Centre

·       Arts and Crafts

·       Outdoor Play

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The Promise of Exceptional Childcare and a Hopeful Future

When describing what makes Guide and Grow Daycare, one of the top daycares in Canada unique, a school rep stated, "Guide and Grow Daycare strives to provide exceptional childcare, where children grow in a safe and nurturing environment, fully equipped with 21st-century skills. We believe that children learn through play. Therefore, we use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to deliver an expertly designed curriculum, which is age-appropriate, spans a broad range of skills, and blends with the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum."

"We design fun and engaging activities to make sure the children enjoy their STEM learning experience during their most important early years. We build and mentor confident young minds and prepare them to be a part of our fast-developing world, letting them open the gates to endless opportunities for their future."

"We are the only childcare facility in Ottawa that offers a STEM-based approach in early learning. Our educators play the role of co-learners alongside the children within our programs and set the stage for their success. We have a combined total of 40+years of working with children & our Engineering background is what separates us from the other early years' programs."

"Our highly experienced and qualified team of educators can help families achieve and secure vital connections between everyday life and the STEM disciplines. It also lays down the foundations for future academic success because the skills learned are transferable to other subjects. Our STEM program has been in such high demand since the opening that we are now looking to expand our facility to provide equal opportunities and to serve the young families with enriching and holistic STEM experience for their early learners."

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