Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool- One of the Top Preschools in Ottawa, ON

Keeping your kids engaged during the COVID-19 seems like a challenge? Do you want your little munchkin to learn and have fun in a safe environment? If so, you can trust Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool. It is one of the top preschools in Ottawa, ON. The School Administrator defines the school as an "arts-focused preschool and school-aged programming for children aged 2-10 years." Here are a few other reasons to trust it.

What makes Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool One of the Top Preschools in Ottawa, ON

Suitable for Different Ages

Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool is a cooperative, parent-run, licensed childcare program that has been there since 1981 and offers creative and educational programs for children ranging from ages 18 months to Grade 6. A group of neighborhood parents established it. Now it is a licensed preschool offering morning programs for two- and three-year-olds and creative arts after-school programs with pickups from local schools, including First Avenue, Mutchmor, Corpus Cristi, and Glebe Montessori. In 2007, it changed the name to Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool to better reflect the broader ages and stages of the children that are being taught.

Kids Get a Warm Welcome

The school encourages children to explore, interact and discover. Every class begins the same way – with a genuinely warm welcome for each child who walks through our door. It makes every kid happy, and they feel loved and cared for.

The Board

Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool (GMCAPS) is a parent-run cooperative organization with a volunteer board staffed by parents. The cooperative nature of the school and the integral role played by all parents have been key to the success of the popular programs.

The Goal

Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool, one of the top preschools in Ottawa, ON, wants to provide children with a positive learning environment that enhances their level of development. Through play and guidance from registered early childhood educators (ECEs), the school believes that children will develop in several key areas, including:

Ø  curiosity, initiative and independence-self-esteem and decision-making capabilities

Ø  positive social interaction within their peer group

Ø  gross and fine motor skills

The Facilities

​Good Morning rents classroom space in Logan-Vencta Hall at 174 First Avenue, where it has two large rooms for the children. The first is a general playroom that includes various learning and playing stations for activities like arts and crafts, dramatic play, sand and water tables, circle time, reading, and fine motor activities. The preschool programs meet here each day, and the creative arts after-school programs also use this room.


The second room is a gross motor play area – a room equipped with slides, big blocks, mats, and ride-on toys. This park-like setup is fun for the children to get some exercise and role play in some of the story-time dramatizations.

The Programs

Summer Camps - half-day summer camps in July and August of 2021, for children ages 3-8

Virtual Art Classes - "Kids Create with Karen" - for anyone who wants to do art on Thursdays at 5 pm!

Toddler Program - for children between 18 months and 30 months old on Sept 1

Preschool and Beyond - for children between 31 months and six years old on Sept 1

Storyscapes - for ages 3-6

Creative Arts After School - like EDP for creative kids! JK-Grade 6 ​​​

Free Tour

Before you enroll your kid, you can take a free tour of the facility, meet the faculty and gather all the information you need about Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool, one of the top preschools in Ottawa, ON.

Are you interested in Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool? Visit their website here. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram or connect via email at



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