How Drinking More Water Can Make You More Productive


We are all aware of the fact that staying hydrated is vital for survival, but are you aware that drinking a glass of water can also make you more productive at your workplace? Yes, it’s true. To know more about how drinking more water can make you more productive, simply scroll down.

Ø  Better Performance

When you drink enough water, you stay energized and take on any tasks that you need to get done. If you don’t drink enough water, your motivation will lessen, the fatigue will increase, and the body temperature control will also be altered. Dehydration will affect the way your body functions. So, you need to have ample water to ensure there are no such ill effects on your performance.

Ø  Fuel for Brain

Not many people know that the amount of water you have has a direct impact on the function and capacity of your brain. Different studies have proved that fluid loss can lead to problems like headaches, anxiety, fatigue, lack of memory, etc. So, a smart way to prevent mental fatigue is to stay properly hydrated.

Ø  Avoid Headaches

If you have ever suffered from a bad headache, you will agree that it negatively impacts your productivity and can even make you feel incapacitated. Not staying hydrated makes you have afternoon headaches or even migraines. Studies say that you can avoid headaches by staying hydrated. Some studies even say that you can help treat headaches if you stay hydrated.

What Latest Studies Say?

A new study conducted by the University of East London has unveiled that a person’s brain is better able to focus on tasks after a person has consumed enough water. The researchers tested 34 people and divided them into two groups. The first group ate a plain breakfast, but the second had water after breakfast.

As per the results, the second group performed 14 percent quicker after having water. Researchers believe that the brain of a thirsty person sends the message of thirst to the body of that person. When the thirst is quenched, the person’s brain doesn’t have to pay attention to sending these signals. So, it helps improve a person’s ability to not just function but also think and perform better. Drinking enough water also helps get relief from dehydration which saps energy and makes a person feel tired.

Another study backed the results of the first study. This study was conducted on teenagers who were asked to ride bicycles for an hour and a half. One group of teens were asked to wear heavy clothing, and they experienced shrinkage of the brain that was equivalent to losing one year of age. However, after the teens drank enough water, the brain shrinkage reversed.

So, the researchers of the second study concluded that staying hydrated helps make thinking and functioning easier, which further contributes to making a person productive.

In addition to help boost productivity, drinking enough water can also help improve your skin. It even helps with weight loss.

-by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source


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