How to Sell Your Music Online

Making new music takes a lot of time and care. Whether you want to release a new album or want to release a single, you should be ready to put in as much effort in trying to sell the music as you did in making it. Here's a handy guide on how to sell your music online.

Where to Sell Your Music Online?

When it comes to selling your music online, you have two options. The first is to sell it on your own website, and the second is to trust online retailers to sell your music on their already established platforms.

If you go with the first choice and set up a website, you will need to work hard to get the attention of prospective customers and promote yourself extensively. For all that effort, your reward would be total control over your music, its distribution, and of course, the profits.

In case you don't have the time or inclination to build your website, you can trust online retailers like Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music. These platforms will already have many users, so you don't need to focus much on marketing or sales. You can focus on making more music.

When to Sell Music Online?

You should sell the music online after engaging fans, building anticipation, and ensuring that the target audience is curious. Then you can release the details slowly and build anticipation by releasing a teaser. Once the interest peaks, you can decide on a launch date and be there to engage the fans. Also, don't forget to do music sales follow-ups.

How to Sell Your Music Online- Use These Tools

Create a Mailing List

If you want to sell your music online, you need to create a mailing list to let your fans know what you are coming up with and when. Start a drip campaign to build anticipation about the music you are planning to sell.

Remember, most people might not check their social media daily, but they check their emails almost daily, even multiple times a day.

Use Social Media Platforms

To engage the audience of different countries, ages, races, genders, etc., you need to use all the popular social media platforms. From Facebook to YouTube and from Instagram to Twitter, you should have a profile everywhere. It will help you know what kind of music people want and build anticipation for your upcoming music by connecting with the right target audience.

Try Pay What You Want Pricing for Fans

If you have some loyal fans, they might be willing to pay more than the standard rates for your songs. So, allow them to do that and see the money flowing in.

Club Physical with Digital

If you want to release a CD or vinyl version of your music, don't forget to merge physical with digital bundles.

Offer a Digital Back Catalog Deal

It will help your fans to get your entire discography in a package deal.

Initiate Sale Pricing

Offer discounts to loyal customers or try discount days for all customers after the fans' music is liked and released a while back.

Go for Fan Subscriptions

When you have a loyal customer base, set up the fan subscriptions to let the fans pay a monthly fee for all your music, including new releases.

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