This is the Most Expensive House in Canada- What Makes it So Unique?

Canada is one of the best nations to live in, thanks to factors like a great quality of life, excellent work-life balance, low crime rate, exceptional education, and friendly people. It also has many luxurious mansions, and one of the most expensive houses in Canada is located in the Oakville area. So, what makes this house unique and different? Read on to know.

The Jacobean-style County mansion is the most expensive and most luxurious in the city and is called Chelster Hall. It has enough space to offer comfort to an entire family thanks to six bedrooms, 30 parking spaces, and 13 bathrooms. It is a 43,850 square-foot property that might appear to have been built in the 19th century but was actually built in 2006.

The most expensive house in Canada was designed by William Hicks, a local architect who was inspired by the Jacobean architecture of Blickling Hall, the birthplace of Anne Boleyn.

The Features

The most expensive house in Canada has a grand foyer that is made prettier by a wooden spiral staircase and a two-story library. A key attraction is the dining room that has a 16-seat table, a fireplace, and a chandelier. Upstairs, one can find five luxurious bedrooms that have spacious closets and private en-suite bathrooms.

The property also has a Tuscan winery that can store Château’s 7,000 bottles, an elevator, a full fitness center, a spa, and an indoor and outdoor pool. The property also has an 800-square-foot chapel, and it even has benches and crosses.

You can’t imagine the most expensive house in Canada not having entertainment options, can you? It has exceptional options like a full movie theater, gym, tennis court, pool room, and a bowling alley in the basement.

The long driveway leads to an imposing facade, but you will feel calm, security, happiness, and even peace once you get inside. The house has immense rooms that become honey thanks to the extensive use of wood and other materials. The furnishings are also quite homey and easy to make your own. European styles influence the fireplace mantels, and the chandeliers are enough to make someone stop and gaze at them. Custom cabinetry makes everything seem more exclusive.

The Cost

The cost of this prime property is CA$ 59 million. It was CA$ 65 million in 2016, but the prices have dropped over the years. Only someone who has that kind of money to spare can enjoy this stunning house and whatever comes with it.

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