The Best Way to Prioritize Your Never-Ending Task List

People often think that if they are busy, they are productive. Interestingly, being busy and being productive are two different things. Sometimes, you are just busy and not productive at all. It often leads to a situation where you have a never-ending task list. If you want to avoid such a situation, then read on. Here we have mentioned the best way to prioritize your never-ending task list. Follow these simple tips, and you will be productive and busy!

1.       Make a Master List

If you often have too many lists of things to do, you need a master list wherein you prioritize the tasks from more important to less important. The master list should be realistic, and you shouldn't expect too much from yourself.

2.       Be More Focused

When you have a busy day, you will come across many things that need to be done. In such a scenario, you need to stay focused and prioritize. Align the tasks one after the next to ensure you don't miss anything. Also, if a task is not time-sensitive, you can schedule it for later.

3.       Never Ignore the Urgent Tasks

You need to constantly stay aware and know which task is urgent and which can be postponed. Create a deadline for every crucial task so that you don't miss any. Set mobile reminders if needed to ensure that you don't forget them accidentally.

4.       Prioritize Right

You need to prioritize the tasks in the right manner. Give them categories like urgent and important. The tasks in this category should be done ASAP. The second category should be urgent but not important. You can delegate these tasks. The third category could be important but not urgent. You can schedule for the next day. And finally, unimportant, and not urgent. The tasks in the latter category should be off your list and on another person's list!

5.       One at a Time

There is no point in doing ten unfinished tasks. Instead, do one task at a time and finish it satisfactorily. No one likes half-baked foods. The same rule applies to half-finishes tasks or erroneous tasks that need to be fixed. So, a rule of thumb should be to focus o one task at a time.

6.       Plan Correctly

When you have multiple urgent and important tasks scheduled, make sure that you plan them correctly. First, First, Calculate the time and effort needed in each task and then start with the smaller ones. It will help you do maximum tasks in a minimum time.

7.       Be Realistic

Last but not least, you need to be realistic about your capabilities. Don't overestimate your abilities and delegate anything you can't do on your own. When you have too many business tasks, ask a team member to help. When you have too many personal tasks on the to-do list, seek the help of your family or spouse. You are not a superhero. Admit it!

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-by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source


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