How to Work with ADHD in a Relationship

Adult attention deficit disorder is a real problem, and many adults suffer from it. Unfortunately, things become too complicated when one or both adults in a relationship have this health condition. However, things can be made easy if a person finds the right tools and strategies to enhance communication with their partner and works hard to ensure a happier relationship. If you also want to know how to work with ADHD in a relationship, then read on.

Know Everything About ADHD

The first step to making a relationship work is to learn everything about ADHD. You should know about all the symptoms that will probably impact the relationship. Some of the symptoms are:

·       The inability of a person to pay attention to details.

·       The inability of a person to follow directions properly.

·       A person’s inability to remember information.

·       A person’s inability to organize tasks without a struggle.

·       The inability of a person to complete the work on time.

·       A person’s intense focus is on things of interest like video games.

·       A person’s forgetful behavior.

·       The inability of a person to plan properly.

·       Explosive temper of a person.

·       A person’s inability to stand still.

·       A person can get stressed, talk a lot, or get bored easily.

Which ADHD Symptoms Interfere with Relationships?

Though the symptoms vary from person to person, here are a few examples of a few ADHD symptoms that might interfere with relationships

·       Forgetfulness- It might make you feel that a person with ADHD is not reliable.

·       Inattention- It might make you feel that a person with ADHD doesn’t value you.

·       Impulsive Behavior- It might make you feel that a person with ADHD speaks carelessly or doesn’t care about how you feel.

·       Disorganization- It might lead to chaos in your household, and you might feel you are cleaning up after a person with ADHD.

·       Explosive Temper- No matter whether you are in a relationship with a person with ADHD or not, you should know that angry outbursts often make you fearful or hurt.

How to Make the Relationship with an ADHD Person Work?

If you are in a relationship with a person with ADHD, here are a few tips that might help.

·       You need to stop feeling like you are responsible for everything that needs to be done for a person with ADHD. It can lead to frustration or anger.

·       You need to stop micromanaging a person with ADHD.

·       It would be smart to work on your communication skills and ensure that you restore balance in your relationship.

·       When communicating, use terms like “I feel” so that you can focus on feelings and avoid the stupid blame games.

·       Use verbal and non-verbal cues and communicate face to face as much as possible

·       Repeat what a person with ADHD is saying to ensure you hear it right.

·       Confirm whether a person with ADHD needs help before jumping in to do their tasks.

·       Talk about how some symptoms impact your relationships—for instance- the impact of explosive anger.

·       When listening, maintain eye contact with your partner.

·       Divide the tasks based on each person’s strengths.

·       Delegate tasks if you have too much on your plate.

·       Make a routine that works for both of you and stick to it.

·       Relook at your workloads often to ensure none of you feels overwhelmed.

·       Seek therapy or expert advice if you need help!

Read more about ADHD at Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada.

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-by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source





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