Vegan Options from Luxury Fashion Brands

International brands are making more and more vegan options. Many of these are accidental vegan items. Here are some appealing vegan options from luxury vegan brands that might interest you.

How Vegan Fashion Differs from Ethical and Sustainable?

Vegan doesn't mean that the fashion products good for the environment or sustainable. It just means that the fashion products won't have any animal or insect parts.

What is Accidentally Vegan Clothing?

As the name suggests, it means that the products weren't intended to be vegan, but they turned out to be. It happens when a non-vegetarian brand creates an item that doesn't have any animal or insect parts.

Alexander McQueen's Vegan Fashion Products

This brand has many vegan-friendly designer pieces that every fashion lover would like. It offers a wide range of denim clothing, funky t-shirts, and statement jewelry. The gold and silver sneaker charms are unique pieces that you might like. The brand is known for impeccable British tailoring skills. It also offers outstanding quality that you will love.

Dolce & Gabbana's Vegan Fashion Products

This brand has several statement clutches and micro-bags that are accidentally vegan. Many of the tiny metal, crochet, or Lucite bags can be considered jewelry pieces on their own. You will also probably love their statement sunglasses and jewelry that you can flaunt anywhere. They also have a wide range of jackets, skirts, and dresses that are 100% cotton, viscose, or linen.

Gucci's Vegan Fashion Products

When this brand makes vegan products, they brag about it. The product description page will say, "This product has not been made using materials of animal origin." It will assure you that the product is vegan. Some of the products we liked were rubber slides, vegan hats, and canvas sneakers. Their tops, pants, skirts, and jackets are often leather-free.

Louis Vuitton's Vegan Fashion Products

This brand offers several options of vegan bag charms, sunglasses, and fashion jewelry. It also has a UNICEF collection where the products have a UNICEF logo.

Prada's Vegan Fashion Products

The re-nylon collection of Prada is very vegan-friendly. It recycles old materials and transforms them into sturdy nylon, the brand is well known for. There are amazing options when looking for vegan re-nylon pieces, such as backpacks, jackets, sunglasses, jewelry, small accessories, and pretty pouches. They even offer water bottles that are a part of the re-nylon collection.

Valentino's Vegan Fashion Products

The key vegan items offered by this eye-catching brand are their Rockstud sandals and rain boots. As they have a good response from people, the brand releases this style repeatedly. Other attractive offers are sunglasses, jewelry, and some elegant vegan dresses. You can also find some vegan puffer coats and trench jackets.

Versace's Vegan Fashion Products

If you are looking for vegan products from a curve-friendly brand, you will like this one. Some of the vegan-friendly options from this brand include sunglasses, fashion jewelry, and fine jewelry pieces. They also have luxurious home collection products that are 100% vegan.

If you want only vegan products in your closet, you will like these vegan-friendly clothing brands that you will probably like.

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