Your Guide to Ontario’s New Full-Vaccination Mandate

Ontario's new vaccination mandate came into effect this Wednesday. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's time you do. Here's your guide to Ontario's new full vaccination mandate.

Proof of Vaccination Document

If you are in Ontario, you can download the proof of vaccination document from the provincial government website. To log into the website, you need an OHIP card. After downloading the document, you can either store it on your phone as a PDF or print it to carry it with you.

Vaccination receipts from other jurisdictions are accepted if the vaccination doses that were received met the definition of fully vaccinated set by the Ontario government. If the vaccination doses were not among the ones approved by Canada, a person must get fully vaccinated as per Ontario's requirements or get a follow-up of one dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

The name and birth date on the proof of vaccination document must match your identification. Also, the second dose of the vaccine must have been administered at least two weeks ago. You need to show proof of identification along with the proof of vaccination certificate. It doesn't have to be a photo ID. You can also use the OHIP card as identification.


You need to show your identification and show proof of vaccination document to enter the following:

Ø  Indoor areas of bars and restaurants.

Ø  Indoor and outdoor areas of nightclubs.

Ø  Indoor areas of theatres, cinemas, casinos, bingo halls, and other gaming establishments.

Ø  Indoor areas of meeting and event spaces like conference halls, banquet halls, and convention centers.

Ø  Indoor areas of gyms, swimming pools, fitness centers, water parks, indoor areas of sports venues, and other sport and recreational facilities.

Ø  Indoor areas of sex clubs, bathhouses, and strip clubs.

Ø  Indoor areas of car racing or horse racing tracks.

Exceptions and Exemptions

Ø  Children who are under 12 years of age don't need a proof of vaccination document because they are not eligible for vaccination.

Ø  In case a person is older than 12 and has not had a COVID-19 vaccine, they need to provide a written document from a nurse practitioner or a physician that they have a medical reason for this exemption. The document should be on official letterhead.

Ø  The medical exemptions are available to people who had an adverse reaction to the first dose or have a life-threatening allergy to any of the ingredients in the vaccine.

Ø  People who enter the indoor area of a restaurant or bar who just want to pay, take out, or use a bathroom don't need the proof of vaccination document.

Ø  Kids below the age of 12 who want to enter a recreation facility or a sports facility for actively participating in organized sport, swimming, dance, or martial arts don't need the proof of vaccination document.

Ø  Till October 12, a person who is not vaccinated can attend a funeral service or wedding ceremony if they provide a negative COVID-19 test that was administered within the last 48 hours.

Ontario officials stated that Ontario will move to a digital proof-of-vaccination system from now. A person will soon be able to download a QR code to their phone that you can read via a free smartphone app that will be made available from October 22.

Want to know more? These vaccines are approved by Canada. Also, here's Canada's vaccination tracker

-by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source



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