9 Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is perhaps the most important holiday we celebrate. It allows us to reflect on what’s important to us and helps us to get a new perspective. Sadly, many of us stay thankful for a while, and then we start taking things for granted. If you want to avoid that, you should read about the 9 reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving and stay grateful for all you have throughout the year.

1.       Improves Relationships

If you remain thankful for everyone in your life, it will help improve relationships. Everyone from your spouse to your kids and your parents to your co-workers will love to hear that you are thankful for them, and hence, your relationships will improve.

2.       For Your Health

Health is the biggest wealth you have. Being grateful will help you to avoid health issues like stress that can deteriorate your health. Gratitude and optimism also often help boost your immune system.

3.       Stay Content

When you are thankful for all you have in your life, you will be at more peace with your life and content with it. You won’t need to buy more, do more, act like someone, or look like others.

4.       Feel-Good Factor

If you are thankful for everything and count your blessings, you will turn your heart towards gratitude and feel good in life. It will help reduce the negativity we all have to deal with daily.

5.       It’s Contagious

Just like worry and fear, thankfulness is contagious. If you choose to be thankful this Thanksgiving, people might inspire you and bring this change in themselves.

6.       It Helps Enhance Positivity

People who are thankful for all they have are usually more optimistic. They see good in others and have positive thoughts. Even when they face a challenge, they deal with it calmly and ensure a 100% positive mindset.

7.       Cultivation of Humility

When you become grateful for everything you have and appreciate every small or big thing you have, you will have a heart full of humility.

8.       It Promotes Generosity

When you are thankful, you will be more eager to help others who don’t have what you have. You might decide to donate money or your time to help others. It helps positively build communities and societies.

9.       More Likeability

People who are more thankful for whatever they have in life are usually liked more. Conversely, no one likes to be around a negative and ungrateful person who always sees the bad in every situation and for whom the glass is always empty.


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by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source





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