How to Perfect Your Personal Presence Online

One of the things that help you become a personal brand is your personal presence in the online world. If you want to stand out in the crowd and ensure that you have a better social media visibility, then read on. Here are a few tips on how to perfect your personal presence online.

1.       Ensure that Your Social Profiles are Complete

You need to ensure that your social profiles are complete. If you don’t do that, the profiles might not be as effective as they can be. Some of the sections you must complete personally are Facebook’s About section, Twitter’s bio, and some key sections of LinkedIn like volunteer work, awards, skills, interests, accomplishments, and work experience.

2.       Showcase Your Work

When you want to build credibility, you need to ensure that you demonstrate or showcase your work properly. You can do that by adding links to your portfolio or attaching work samples to your profile. Whenever you add a new job, you will get the option to add media like photos, links, videos, or presentations to your bio. Upload a variety of samples to showcase how versatile you can be.

3.       Make Use of LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn has this amazing feature called LinkedIn recommendations. It allows people to share comments about you and appreciate your skill sets and achievements. You can ask your peers or boss to share a recommendation. You can also endorse other people so that they do the same. These recommendations add credibility to your portfolio.

4.       Add Social Links to Email Signatures

It is highly recommended that you create a professional email address for all professional communications. It is also nice to add social links to email signatures so that your social media profiles get promoted every time you send an email.

5.       Be More Engaging

You need to engage with other social media users if you want to perfect your personal presence online. Stay aware of what’s happening around you and be active on social media platforms. Talk to people who have the same interests as you and have meaningful conversations. Also, learn to make use of the right hashtags, use the right emojis and be more active when it comes to participating in Facebook or Twitter chats, commenting on social media, and publishing your content there.

Bonus Tip

If you have the time and the skills, you can also boost your online reputation by creating a personal blog or website. It will let you put all your social media links in one place, along with your detailed portfolio. When starting a blog or a personal website, you should ensure that you update it regularly. No one likes to visit a stale website that hasn’t been used for months. A smart idea would be to update the website daily along with the social media platform updates that you share daily.

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