The Best Cities in Canada for Film Making

Canada has no shortage of talented actors and filmmakers. If you are one of them, you might be interested in knowing about the best cities in Canada for filmmaking. Here they are.

Toronto and Vancouver Top the List

When it comes to the best cities for filmmaking in Canada, Toronto, and Vancouver top the list. They are followed by other Canadian cities like Quebec, Winnipeg, Calgary, Halifax, and many other small cities.

Why are Toronto and Vancouver Considered the Best Cities for Actors in Canada?

The main reason Toronto and Vancouver are considered the best cities for actors in Canada is because they have a variety of agencies, scores of acting classes and programs, countless casting agencies, numerous production companies, and several studios.

In the 70’s Canada was coined as Hollywood North as it was among the staple locations for filming. Now, Vancouver and Canada have become massive hubs for TV and Hollywood film productions. Even Netflix has set up a production hub in Toronto. It has filmed a wide variety of Netflix Specials in Canada.

Why are Production Companies Prefer to Film in Toronto and Vancouver?

If you are an American who wants to make a film in Canada, you will get an opportunity to take advantage of the US/Canadian dollar conversion rate. In addition to that, you will get access to different tax incentives that are offered by the governments of Ontario and British Columbia that are put in place to encourage more filming.

Earlier, the focus was on Vancouver only, but about eight years back, Toronto started to offer extremely competitive tax incentives that the Ontario Film Commission introduced. Since then, Vancouver has been giving stiff competition to Vancouver. Now, the industries in both cities are thriving and are roughly the same size.

Toronto is highly preferred by filmmakers who want backgrounds like New York, East Coast, and Detroit cities. In contrast, Vancouver is preferred by filmmakers who make sci-fi films (like Suicide Squad) and shows (like X-Files, Deadpool, Supernatural, etc.).

Do Toronto and Vancouver Offer More Opportunities to Actors?

Yes, Vancouver and Toronto offer more opportunities to actors. If you are an actor, you will get access to several Day players and Guest Star roles. In these roles, you will be on set for an afternoon, a day, or two to five days only.

For those who don’t know, a day player is a person who comes in to move the story forward but has no significant role in the story. Guest star roles are larger in comparison and are often vital for the underlying plot of an episode or a film. They are also smaller parts and not a part of the main cast. With the latter, you can stay on set for 3-5 days.

However, if you are after main character casting in Hollywood films and shows, you need to head to Los Angeles, where most production companies are based. You can start with more guest star roles and then ask your agent to connect with casting directors in Los Angeles so that you can get a chance to audition for larger roles.

Looking for more? Here are the top films shot in Vancouver and Toronto.

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