The Top 5 Accounting Software for Small and Growing Businesses in 2021

Managing a small business is not an easy job. You constantly have to take care of a lot of accounting tasks. If you make a mistake, it might lead to financial losses for your company and even hamper your growth possibilities.  One of the easiest ways to avoid accounting mistakes is to invest in accounting software.  To help you out, we have created a handy list of 5 accounting software for small and growing businesses in 2021. Have a look

1.       FreshBooks

You are looking for the best all-around accounting software for small businesses, then this should be your first choice. You should invest in it if you are looking for a user-friendly interface. It also has plenty of depth and features that will help you to manage your account smartly. Added to that, it also integrates with many popular services that you might already be using.

Using this software might not be good for business owners who don't like too many features. And of course, you have to pay extra for buying these complicated features. Learn more here.

2.       Xero

It is the best small business accounting software for people who are looking for extra features. It has a very cheap starter plan, works on mobile seamlessly and is fully expandable. The only thing you need to be cautious about is that the costs start to add up with time. Learn more here.

3.       QuickBooks

When looking for accounting software, you will come across this option. It is a good one as the basic plan also has many features, and you can pick from a lot of extras. You can go for a free trial also. However, this software can be a bit complex for some people. Read more here.

4.       Sage Accounting

If you are looking for accounting software for multiple users, you should pick this one. It offers a good value proposition, is easy to use and has amazing customer support. However, the cost of this software increases when you go for the paid version and some of the features can be difficult to learn. Click here for more.

5.       Kashoo

When seeking hassle-free accounting software for small business users, you should pick this one. It offers multi-currency support and has a very smart dashboard. Unfortunately, it is not available via an Android app like many other software products are. Visit here for more.

Final Words

If you want to buy the best accounting software for your business, you should look at the features you need and see if the pricing is rightly set. All in all, you need a value for money product that you can easily learn and use even as your business grows. So, think of scalability in the future too. It is also smart to ask your team's opinion as they will have to learn to use it and train others to do the same. So, their opinion should matter a lot. Good Luck with your search!

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by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source


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