Top 5 Content Management Systems to Boost Business Performance

If you own or operate a business, you might have heard of how a CMS can help streamline business operations and grow a business. Before you think of opting for a CMS, you should know what it is, how it helps, and learn about the top 5 content management systems to boost your business performance that are listed right here.

What is a CMS?

A content management system, also known as CMS, is a software that allows you to create, manage and modify the content on the website with ease and with no technical expertise. It manages all the infrastructure stuff for you. It can also help with other crucial tasks like document management.

Want to try one? Here are 5 options to consider.

1.       eFileCabinet

If you want to reduce the amount of paper within the operations and streamline the work processes, you can trust this software. It’s available on-premise and cloud platforms. It provides an organization with organization and automation tools. It has many features like workflow, secure file sharing, OCR, email importing, and eSignature requests. It can help a business to reduce overhead, remove inefficient tasks and simplify compliance. Read more here.

2.       Brandfolder

When seeking cloud-based asset management t solutions that help you to organize and smartly store as well as retrieve media assets, trust Brandfolder. It also allows you to manage digital rights and permissions. You can customize this solution as per business needs. Some cool features include converting image copy to text, auto-tagging images, supporting in-document search, and thumbnailing videos. You can also offer access to assets via single shared links or embedded APIs on the website. To make business decision-making easy, it allows you to generate custom reports and spot trends easily. Read more here.

3.       Bynder

The search for a branding, marketing, and digital asset management tool for every business size ends here. It lets you manage, maintain, and distribute private and public digital assets. It also organizes your company’s digital assets into a single and searchable database that anyone with the right credentials can access and edit. It is a cloud-deployed platform that integrates seamlessly with Bynder’s other tools. Learn more here.

4.       MediaValet

If you need cloud-based digital asset management solutions which help your marketing and creative teams collaborate easily and distribute digital assets easily, trust this CMS. It allows a business to centralize the media in a smart library. It also offers a full preview of more than 200 file types. You can also use it to edit PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files easily. To know how to subscribe, click here.

5.       DocuWare

A cloud-based document management system, DocuWare, allows you to optimize paper-based and digital assets on a unified platform. It allows you to perform automated data entry and management while ensuring compliance with laws like SOC, HIPPA, and GDPR, among others.

It also helps with windows folder import, barcode recognition, full-text indexing, deletion workflows, task control, flexible search, and pending box. It can help sort, link, and distribute information by integrating with existing software. Learn more here.

by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source






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