12 Best Payroll Software Options in 2021

Choosing payroll software is one of the easiest ways to save the time and energy involved in calculating payroll. As there are countless options out there, you need to choose the one that meets your business needs. Here are the 12 best payroll software options in 2021 that you might want to consider.

1.       ADP Workforce Now

If you have a large enterprise, this software will be worth your time. It offers integrations, accessibility, and customizations which makes it a good choice for many businesses. The company also offers plans for businesses of all sizes. However, in practical use, this software might be costly for small businesses. Get it here.

2.       Ceridian Dayforce

One of the largest payroll providers in the space, the Dayforce platform is a good one. It combines payroll, workforce management, talent management, and benefits in a single application. It is ideal for companies that have high needs in the areas mentioned above. Too many features of this software might be overwhelming for small companies. Learn more here.

3.       Deluxe Payroll (formerly Payweb)

It is one of the longest-serving payroll providers in Canada. It also offers an HRIS solution that can serve as a stand-alone system or integrate with a company's time, payroll, and attendance solution. AI scheduling and time clock are two of its amazing features. It can be costly for small companies. Get it here.

4.       Knit People

When seeking a united payroll, benefits, and HR software, you can trust this one. It is good for both small and medium-sized businesses. The monthly fee is quite reasonable. The employee portal and self-on-boarding features are quite good too. Large enterprises might think that the customization capabilities of this software are not enough. For more info, click here.

5.       Nethris

If you are looking for an all-in-one management solution, you will like this one. It offers payroll services, time management, HR module, recruitment, and group insurance. It offers support in French and English. The full suite of services might seem expensive for some businesses. Click here for more.

6.       Payment Evolution

One of the best cloud-based payroll providers is preferred by companies with less than 50 employees and those seeking cost-effectiveness. It offers some free plans too. Its features might not be varied enough for large companies. Read more here

7.       Payworks

This software offers payroll management to HRIS, time and attendance management, group benefits, and even health spending accounts. It can handle both simple and complex business payroll to fit the needs of most Canadian businesses. The system might feel a bit basic due to its simple dashboard for more tech-oriented companies. Know more here.

8.       Quickbooks Online - Standard Payroll

It is a could-based payroll system that you can easily integrate with the QuickBooks accounting platform. It is ideal for small businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants. It can integrate with almost all QuickBooks products. The cost is reasonable, so the features of the software are quite limited as well. Larger companies might need to switch to the QuickBooks Advanced Payroll plan that is more expensive. Read more here.

9.       Rise People

Need all-in-one benefits, HR, and payroll software solution that caters to the need of both small and large businesses? Try Rise People. The setup of the solution can be a bit complicated, but once you get going, you'll love its full suite of HR features. It might not be ideal for companies with demanding payrolls. So, you should proceed with caution. Get it here.

10.   Wagepoint

Another online cloud-based payroll software for small businesses, this one is very user-friendly and affordable. It is also good for bookkeepers and accountants. It doesn't have customized reporting, which is often a must for large-sized businesses. Buy it here.

11.   Wave Payroll

When you want a suite of free financial services and online software for small businesses, you can go for this one. It also has paid payroll services that are ideal for small businesses with limited funds. The software is simple and hence, suitable for business owners who are not proficient with payroll. It lacks many customization options. Know more here.

12.   Collage

This platform also combines payroll, HR, and benefits. It also has HRIS software. The HRIS software also offers the option to add payroll services. However, the payroll services are entirely outsourced, so proceed with that in mind. Buy it here.



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