Top 10 Team Building Activities for Your Workplace

Team building activities are essential for every business. It makes it easy for employees to bond and boosts the engagement level of employees. Close friendships at work help boost employee satisfaction too. Also, engaged companies constantly outperform their competitors when it comes to productivity, turnover, and profits. Here's a list of the top 10 team-building activities for your workplace.

1)      Organize a Shark Tank

In this activity, a small group of people share ideas and try to convince others to love their ideas. This is a wonderful way not just to have fun, but it can also lead to new initiatives or products for your brand. People can use models, skits, models, or anything else they want to present ideas creatively.

2)      Try a Scavenger Hunt

As the name suggests, teams will compete in chasing down clues, find hidden items, and complete the hunt on time. The mystery and the time limitation keep the excitement going. It helps boots collaboration, decision making, and critical thinking skills.

3)      Plan a Chopped-style Cocktail Competition

In this event, an experienced mixologist will teach employees the basics of cocktail mixing. Then, the employees will split into groups and create their own hand-crafted cocktails. The mixologist will then choose a winner.

4)      Solve a Virtual Murder Mystery

Again, a self-explanatory activity, it is good for evaluating your team's brains and making them work together. In this game, employees need to investigate, examine the clues, and find who the murderer is. As people love mysteries, they will love this game too!

5)      Improve Bonding Over Brews

One of the simplest team activities that can be organized quickly is City Brew Tours. It will help develop communication, trust, and empathy. It's also great for starting conversations, opening people, and making memories.

6)      Have a Field Day

If you must organize a team activity for a larger group, you can organize an in-person or virtual field day. A host will keep everything organized and make sure the people are engaged. Participation is universal, and the enthusiasm levels are kept high.

7)      Put Everyone in an Escape Room

Again, a fun activity, it allows employees to work through clues and find their way out of an office or any location. The phones and Google help are not allowed, so they must use their problem solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills to escape quickly.

8)      Make an Office Mockumentary

When seeking a team-building activity that will make people laugh, choose a mockumentary. You can use a smartphone and basic software for it. Make sure you organize the premier on a large scale so that everyone can enjoy it together.

9)      Build Something for A Cause

If your organization believes in charity or donating or helping the community, you can motivate your employees to do the same. Ask your team to donate their time, volunteer together, or build something they can donate to charity. It will be a fun and fulfilling experience.

10)   Go for a Tournament

The last team-building activity is to organize a tournament. The tournament can be about anything your team agrees on, like ping pong, tennis, Mario Kart, rock-paper-scissors, and many more. A tournament will help boost the collaboration and critical thinking skills of employees. It can also promote healthy competition.

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