Tips to Burn Off The Holiday Calories!

It’s the holidays, and if you are in a mood to celebrate, you might eat more than you should and indulge a lot. Though there is nothing wrong with indulging once in a while, you should ensure that you enjoy within reason and don’t eat a zillion calories. If you do, turn to these tips to burn off holiday calories. It will let you avoid putting on the extra weight and increase your stress.

Eat Wisely

The first thing you should do if you want to avoid excess calories during the holidays is to eat wisely. Choose what to eat/drink beforehand so that you don’t regret eating or drinking something later. Here are a few helpful tips.

·       You can have a glass of light beer as it has 102 calories, which comes down to 12 minutes of jogging.

·       You can also have a single cup of eggnog and burn off the 344 calories of it by doing 29 minutes of swimming,

·       If you plan to have a single glass of white wine that has 121 calories, be prepared for 32 minutes of walking.

·       When having a single serving of stuffing that is 108 calories, be prepared to do 28 minutes of walking.

·       One candy cane means 7 minutes of jogging, so eat that wisely.

Start Moving

If you plan to indulge during the holidays or have already done that, here are some simple exercise methods that will help you burn off the holiday calories.

·       Whenever possible, you should bike to the Ferry.

·       Start your day with a morning workout and cover at least five miles.

·       Do some batting practice or a wall climb to exercise all muscles.

·       Try a six-pack workout or high-intensity training to burn calories quickly in a short amount of time.

·       Walk a dog- be it your own or your neighbors.

·       Consider fun and calorie-burning activities like bowling and skating.

·       Go for an afternoon workout during the lunch breaks.

·       Climb stairs, as many as you can in a day.

How to Avoid Excess Holiday Calories?

If you act smartly, you can eat healthier during the holidays. Here are some tips:

·       Before heading to a holiday event or party, have a snack so that you don’t feel too hungry or overindulge from the start.

·       Decide how much you will eat and drink beforehand, and don’t break those rules.

·       Pick a small plate of the food and don’t stay close to the food table

·       Eat slowly so that you enjoy food more and don’t take too many helpings

·       Don’t drink too much alcohol and have a glass of water after every alcohol intake to keep yourself hydrated.

Tips for Avoiding Excess Calories While Making Holiday Foods

·       Use sugar substitutes when making desserts.

·       Use fat-free chicken broth to make gravy or to baste the turkey.

·       Make use of fruit purees, not oil, when you are making baked goods.

·       Reduce oil and butter use while making food for the holiday season.

·       Opt for plain yogurt or fat-free sour cream in casseroles, creamy dips, and even mashed potatoes to avoid excess calories.


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