Which Canadian Cities are the Best for Finding a Job Heading Into 2022?

Canada has always been among the top nations that provide job opportunities to people worldwide. The country has strengthened its position further in the last few years, and its job market has transformed into a powerhouse. If you want to make the most of the ample job opportunities, read on to know which Canadian cities are the best for finding a job heading into 2022 to start on the right note.

1.       Toronto, Ontario

With an unemployment rate of just 6%, Toronto is the best city for finding a job in 2022. The Head Offices of the top firms in the financial services industry can be found here. It also has many film and TV production projects going on. It is attracting immigrants and giving them plenty of job opportunities.

2.       Vancouver, British Columbia

If you don’t fancy living in Toronto, you can also look for a job in Vancouver, British Columbia. This city has an employment growth rate of 7.1% and just a 4.6% unemployment rate. It has major industries that include but are not limited to shipping, real estate, film & TV production, cleantech, hospitality, etc.

3.       Montreal, Quebec

If you can speak French fluently, you can find a job in the most European city in North America, Montreal. It has an unemployment rate of 5.7% and supports the growth of innovative sectors like video games, AI, and visual effects. It also has many industries like electronic goods, aerospace, tourism, telecommunications, textile manufacturing, etc.

4.       Quebec City

When seeking retail, healthcare, or public administration jobs, you can trust this city. It has an employment growth rate of 4.1% and an unemployment rate of 3.6%. The largest employer here is the provincial government.

5.       Calgary, Alberta

The key industry in this city that helps generate jobs is energy. It includes oil & gas too. The city has an employment growth rate of 3.6%  and an unemployment rate of 7.1%. The entry-level salaries paid in this city are higher than most cities in the world. It is also a good place to settle for the long term.

6.       Edmonton, Alberta

Next on the list is Edmonton. It might have a high unemployment rate of 8%, but it is preferred for people who want a long-lasting career. The key industries are transportation, manufacturing, logistics, petrochemical, environmental engineering, and tourism. The quality of life, education, and affordability are key reasons to settle here.

7.       Ottawa, Ontario

This city has an employment growth rate of 3.5% and an unemployment rate of 4.7%. It is one of the most economically developed cities in the country and is also its capital. You can get a job in the government sector here. It is also good for people looking to be a part of startups.

Also, these are the highest-paying occupations in Canada right now.

·       Surgeon             

·       Dentist

·       Petroleum Engineer

·       Psychiatrist       

·       IT Manager       

·       Marketing Manager      

·       Pilot     

·       Lawyer 

·       Sales Manager

·       Business Operations Manager   

When you get a job interview in Canada, these tips might help.

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