How to Stay in Shape While Working From Home

Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, more and more people are working from home. This new trend has made people lazy as they don't move around much at home like they did when they went to the office. If you have also put on somewhere for this reason or want to increase your activity levels, here are some terrific tips for staying in shape while working from home.

Ø  Begin Your Days with a Stretch

invest in a yoga mat that allows you to start your day with some stretching exercises. These exercises are great for giving your joints and muscles some much-needed movement before sitting on your work from home chair. It also helps with pains and aches you might get if you sit most of the day due to your job.

Ø  Consider a High-Intensity Workout Routine

If working from home means putting in more hours than you usually did, you might want to try a high-intensity workout routine. Abbreviated as HIIT, this workout requires extraordinarily little equipment and will make you sweat a lot. This workout method is preferred by people who want quick results. Here are some classes you might want to try.

Ø  Plan Your Meals

When working from home, many people don't focus on what they are putting in their mouths. As a result, they often eat foods that are not healthy. If you are also doing the same, you need to start planning your meals. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare most of your meals yourself. If you are too busy during the weekdays, you can do it on weekends. Also, make a goal of drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

Ø  Go for a Post-Work Run or Jog

In case you are too busy working from home during the day, you might want to go for a post-work run or jog. It will need no equipment, and all you need is some commitment. If running or jogging alone makes you feel weird, you might want to consider partnering up with someone to keep you motivated, or else you can put on the earphones and enjoy music while you run or jog.

Ø  Start Meditating Right Now

Many people complain that working from home has increased their stress levels as finding the right work-life balance is tougher than it was. COVID has also added to the stress. If you also feel like that, you might need to start meditating right now. Just download an app and get started. Meditating regularly would make you more mindful, reduce your stress and improve your mood.

Ø  Purchase a Standing Desk

If sitting around all day is not your thing, and you want to move around to stay healthy, you might want to consider buying a standing desk. It will help in preventing the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. It will not only promote better health but will also improve your work performance. You can shop here for one.


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