Which Instagram Hashtags Will Build Your Following?

Most of you might have some basic understanding of hashtags. After all, they have become a crucial part of social media these days. But many of you might be wondering which Instagram hashtags will build your following. Well, there is no simple answer to that. You need to be smart and learn about hashtags and their use to get the right answer according to your brands’ needs. Read on for more.

The Origins

Not many people are aware that the first user of hashtags was Chris Messin, who used them on Twitter. Everyone reacted well to his suggestion, and many other social media users, including Instagram followers, liked the idea and followed suit. Instagram did better with usage as it allows a person to use up to 30 hashtags in one post.

Create Suitable Hashtags

When you want to build your following, you need to create several suitable hashtags that you can use to represent your brand. Then, you should monitor the performance of each of the hashtags and modify them as per the data. It would help if you also kept introducing new hashtags every once in a while, to boost engagement and attract new followers.

How to Keep Track of the Role of Hashtags

To know the role of hashtags and their usefulness for your brand, you should track the following with a hashtag tracking tool:

·       User engagement

·       Total exposure

·       Overall brand awareness

·       Customer insights

What Stats Say?

·       You should know these useful numbers before you create a hashtag strategy (yes, you will need one).

·       Stats say that if you use only one hashtag on a post, it will get 29% more interactions.

·       Similarly, if you use over 11 hashtags on a post, you will have 79% more interactions.

·       Longer hashtags containing 21 to 24 characters usually do better than shorter ones.

·       7 out of 10 hashtags present on Instagram are brand hashtags.

·       Small and medium-sized Instagram accounts should put hashtags in the caption as it will lead to more engagement. The engagement might not be as high as small or mid-sized accounts for bigger Instagram profiles.

·       93% of profiles put hashtags in the caption, while just 6% put them in the comments section.

How to Gain More Followers with Hashtags

Here are some tips on making your hashtags more useful for boosting engagement and increasing followers.

Ø  Constantly experiment with the hashtags to see which hashtags gel with your audience and which fall flat.

Ø  Never expect all hashtags to be a resounding success, as it’s almost impossible.

Ø  Don’t just use hashtags that are generally popular. Focus on ones that appeal to the target demographic.

Ø  Create one or more branded hashtags and add them to your bio. You can also add them to your marketing materials and publicize them just like a logo.

Ø  Build up a list of relevant hashtags for your niche over a few months and put together a shortlist of hashtags on which you can focus. Take each of them in turn and see how many Instagrammers have already used them. Then, focus on the more popular hashtags that are relevant to your target audience.

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