Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Your Team

The COVID-19 pandemic is still looming, and we have all had a hectic year. Thankfully, the holidays are here, and finally, we can all have some fun. If you are a team lead/supervisor/manager or the company owner, you should ensure that your team also enjoys the festivities and lets go of the stress. Here are some tips on the top virtual Christmas party ideas for your team you can try.

1.       Virtual Gingerbread Wars

It is one of the most fun virtual events that includes sending a gingerbread kit to the team. The kit should include frosting, gingerbread people, candies, and a lot more. Then ask everyone to come on a video call to play games like Gingerbread self-portraits.

2.       Virtual Holiday Bingo

Boost interactions and competitive cheer with this fun game. You can find many templates that you can use to play the game.

3.       Virtual Cocktail Party

Christmas is the right time to indulge in some alcohol. You can enjoy it with your team and appreciate one good thing about every team member with some "Cheers."

4.       Connect with Music

You can also make a virtual holiday party playlist and ask every team member to add a song. Then, you can do a video call where you can sing along, have fun, and talk about music.

5.       Plan a Virtual Photo Booth

Christmas doesn't feel complete without a photo booth. This year, you can go for a virtual holiday photo booth and use creative props like angel wings, Santa hats, colored lights, presents, and much more.

6.       Host a Virtual Charity Drive

Share the joy of giving with your team by organizing an online charity drive where all of you can play different games and donate all the winnings to a cause. You can all pledge to volunteer for a worthy cause too.

7.       Watch a Movie Together

If you don't want to plan a lot, you can make sure that all of you watch a movie. Then you can all discuss the fun moments to make it more of a team bonding activity.

8.       Head to the Kitchen

You and your team can also organize cooking or baking competition where all of you take on a task like making gourmet hot chocolate or Christmas cookies. If baking is not preferred, all of you can simply decorate store-bought cookies at home with cookies, frosting, etc.

9.       Show Your City

If you and your team are located in distinct parts of the world, you can all visit the best place in your city, record a video of the most happening moments (like stunning Christmas lights), and share it with your team.

10.   Pick a Theme

You can also plan a virtual event with a theme like British Royalty, Disney Divas, The Office (sit-com) and ensure that you announce a winner!

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