Best Educational Apps for Kids in 2022

With the Omicron variant spreading faster than ever, most kids are again stuck at home. They rarely go out and meet their school friends. If your kid is among them and you want to keep them engaged, you should consider some educational apps. Here's a list of the best educational apps for kids in 2022.

1.       Best App for All Ages: Khan Academy

Kids, parents, and teachers prefer this app because it has resources on everything from art history to early math and can be enjoyed by kids of every age, from pre-schoolers to high school kids. The app can be used by kids over four years of age and is free. You can get it for iOS or Android.

2.       Best Overall App for Kids:

This app will let your kid enjoy different activities, quizzes, and storyline-based videos. It also has a virtual map that outlines your kids' learning path. Most parents also love this app. You can get it for iOS, Android, or on the Amazon App Store

3.       Best App for Kids in Pre-School: Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Kids just starting school can learn about alphabets, shapes, colors, book reading, arts, puzzles, and numbers here. The app also has realistic 3D details and bright colors that kids will simply love. It's ideal for kids between the age of 1 to 5, and you need a monthly subscription to use it. You can get it for iOS, Android, or the Amazon App Store.

4.       Best App for Kids in Elementary School: Quick Math Jr.

This app is for kids who don't like maths much or like it a lot. It has 12 different math games and unique graphics that make things interesting. All the answers are either handwritten or drawn on the screen, so your kid can also practice handwriting when they use it. It's ideal for kids aged 4 to 8, is free, and can be compatible with iOs.

5.       Best App for Kids in Middle School: Stack the States 2

This app lets your kid learn about geography and enhance their general knowledge about different states. The app also has three other games that a kid can unlock after completing different rounds. There is a countries' version available too. It's good for kids aged more than 10 years, and you can get it for iOS or Android.

6.       Best App for Kids in High School: Duolingo

This app is helpful in letting a high schooler learn a different language. Even parents and teachers can use the app to learn a new language. It's ideal for anyone over ten years of age. It's free and available for iOS or Android.

7.       Best Reading App for Kids: Epic!

This app comes with an e-book library with more than 35k books for kids. It has a handy read-to-me feature that will make things easier for little munchkins who cannot read independently. It can be suitable for kids aged 2 to 12. You can go for a month's free trial and get it for iOS or Android.

Some other apps for high schoolers are Evernote, Kindle, Skillshare, EdPlus, and Go Henry.

Educational apps help boost engagement, personalize learning, enhance academic performance, eliminate learning barriers and save resources. But, it would help if you were careful not to give too much screen time to your kids.


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