How to Plan Your Social Media Posts

We all have extremely busy lives, and as a result, we often skip tasks that we consider non-essential. Sadly, social media posting is one of them. If you are one of them, you need to stop skipping it and start planning it. Here, we have explained how to plan your social media posts and ensure you keep connected with your social media audience without manually updating the posts every day.

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

One of the simplest ways to regularly post content on social media to keep your audience engaged, boost brand recognition, improve SEO efforts, and lead generation is to depend on a social media calendar. It will help you know what gets posted when and you will not have to worry about it constantly.

Benefits of Using Social Media Content Calendar

There are many benefits of using a social media content calendar. Some of the crucial ones are.

Ø  Saves Effort

You can plan the content for an entire day, week, month, or even a year in advance. So, you don’t need to search the trending topics every day and save the effort it takes. However, do leave space for current events or breaking news that you might have to share instantly.

Ø  Grow Your Audience

Anyone who has used social media to their advantage knows that keeping the audience engaged is the best way to grow your audience. When you use a social media content calendar, you will be able to grow your audience and keep them hooked. If you don’t provide your audience with an update, they might simply unlike/unfollow you.

Ø  Better for Tracking

A social media calendar allows you to track the performance of your content every day, week, or month. You can look back and analyze which content is working and which is not. Then you can simply replace what’s not working with what’s working.

How to Create a Social Media Calendar?

When creating a social media calendar, you just need to ask yourself these questions.


What events and launches are planned for tomorrow?

How much content should you plan and schedule?

How will your sharing ratio fit with a day’s worth of content?


What launches and events are planned for this week/month/year?

Which blog posts can I publish this week/month/year?

How much content should I find ahead of time for this week/month/year?

Which images do I need this week/month/year?

What content should I reserve a space for this week/month/year?

What experiments should I run this week/month/year?

Tools for Organizing and Implementing a Successful Social Media Calendar

A few tried and tested tools we suggest for organizing and implementing a social media calendar are:

*     Google Spreadsheets

*     Buffer

*     Google Calendar

*     Trello

*     Basecamp

*     Todolist

Final Words

We hope that you will be able to create a social media content calendar with the help of this article. Remember, a good social media content calendar will help save time, make you work smarter and streamline the processes. You can try each of the tools we mentioned and pick the one you like best. Good luck!


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