Best Tools for Virtual Networking Events

Virtual conference platforms and networking events gained a lot of popularity when COVID restrictions forced people to work from home or run a business from home. Now that the pandemic is hopefully reducing in intensity, offices are opening again, and in-person events are back. However, many businesses still prefer virtual events as they save costs and are very convenient. If you also prefer them, here are some of the best tools for virtual networking events you might consider.

1.       Hoppier‍

It is the best tool for creative guest careering and corporate gifting. Guests can order drinks, lunch, or treats from the local vendors. This tool works best to organize happy hour drinks, virtual lunches, meetings and even offer Hoppier virtual cards to the guests.

2.       Wonder

Considered the best tool for streamlined virtual networking, this tool allows people to share content with everyone or smaller groups. Guests can also navigate sleek and group-focused space by directing the avatar to initiate a conversation. They can also move away if they aren’t interested in a conversation.

3.       Weve

Suited for all groups ranging from 10 people to 2000, this platform can be used to play some games. You can make the most of lobby breakouts, share screens, and use their host. This platform also has several customizable game modules. Team-building is fun with this platform.

4.       Mixily

When seeking a platform that allows you to plan and manage virtual events for not just colleagues or business associates but family and friends too, you can trust this one. The boutique, community-led feel makes it a nice choice for intimate gatherings and casual meetings. It allows you to create branded video call experiences for the guests and features landing pages and ticketing support. It is the simplest all-in-one events platform you will come across.

5.       SpatialChat

If you want to make the virtual event more fun for guests and allow them to enjoy a virtual office setup, a conference stage, or even a poolside getaway, this platform is right for you. It allows you to create an interactive place to host small events, meetings, team-building activities, and even cocktail parties. In addition to text chat, it offers video content, screen sharing, and a fluid chat system.

6.       Mesh

Formerly known as Bash, this platform is meant to create fun virtual worlds that your event guests can explore. The 2D spaces are refreshing, and a person can navigate their character around when they start exploring. If a guest’s character is near enough to talk to someone, a chat window will pop up to make this easy. You can also create personalized backgrounds and customize the virtual spaces extensively.

Features to Look for in a Virtual Networking Events Tool

The ideal virtual networking events tool would have at least some features that help boost engagement.

·       Gamification option

·       Breakout spaces for networking

·       Polling

·       Live streaming

·       Virtual meetups

·       Q&A sessions and fireside chats

·       Virtual booths

·       Workshop facilitation


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