Homeschool Lunch Recipes for Kids

Homeschooling is a hard job and adds to the stress of parents. If you are facing it too and want to reduce the rising stress, you should try not to make lunchtime another hassle. Here are a few easy homeschool lunch recipes for kids that you can try to make things easier while ensuring that your kids have the nutrition they need.

Ø  Quesadillas or gourmet grilled cheese

You just need to add some fun toppings your kid will love. Please put it in the pan for some time, and it's done. It's super easy and quite delicious.

Ø  Baked beans

You can go for either canned or homemade baked beans. All you need to do is toast them.

Ø  Bagels and cream cheese and soup

Again, you can go for canned or homemade options.

Ø  Breakfast to Lunch

You can also serve some cool breakfast meals for lunch. It can be anything your kid loves, like scrambled eggs with chopped fruit, whole wheat pancakes, canned fruit salad, garlic toast, and even cooked meats like ham, sausages, bacon, etc.

Ø  Italian Meatballs

Another favorite option for most kids is making the meatballs interesting by adding different sauces to them. Serve with veggies and rice. You can also switch up meatballs and choose beef, chicken, turkey, and pork.

Ø  Mini Pizzas

If your little one loves pizza (most kids do!), you can use pita or naan bread to make a quick lunch. Add various toppings like mushrooms, corn, meats and combine them with different cheese and sauces.

Ø  Mac and Cheese

When you are short on time, you can depend on an all-time favorite of Mac and Cheese. Even adults would love it!

Ø  Casseroles

You can also go for individual-sized casseroles like Shepherd's pie, lasagna, or meatloaf. Just throw them in the oven and reheat them before lunch. Even your kids can reheat them if you are not there.

Ø  Mini Burgers

Choose slider buns and top them with French fries or different veggies and add some sauces to have a mini burger ready.

Ø  Sandwiches

You can try different sandwich recipes to make things simple and exciting for your kids. A few ideas you can try are tuna and grapes, almond butter and jelly, peanut butter with dill pickle, egg salad with relish, and even a simple chicken salad sandwich. You can also make them a day before. Try these healthier sandwich recipes too,

Ø  Stuffed Pitas

If you and your kids are tired of sandwiches, you can also go for stuffed pitas with chopped grapes and walnuts and tuna salad.

Ø  Tortilla Rolls

You can also make tortilla rolls filled with bean sprouts and Swiss cheese.

Other Simple Options

Some other simple options we recommend are:

·       Yogurt parfaits with seasonal fruit, granola

·       Cottage cheese and fruit

·       Make-your-own baked potato

·       Smoothie and muffin

·       Make your own Taco Salad

·       A pasta salad

·       Apples, peanut butter, and crackers

·       Snacks like crackers/popcorn, fruit, cheese slices, veggie, and dip.

·       Pasta with red sauce

·       Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

·       Microwave nachos  


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