How to Grow Your Personal Brand on Instagram

There are more than two billion users across the world. That comes down to 25% of the population of the planet. So, if you are not on social media, you are missing something. If you are in a creative field, you can use social media platforms like Instagram as your portfolio to impress and attract clients. To help you with that, here we have mentioned some reliable tips on how to grow your personal brand on Instagram.

1.       Define a Goal

You should start by deciding your goals regarding your Instagram presence. Your goals can vary from building a reputation to gaining more followers. Make sure you set both short and long-term goals. Look at what competitors are doing and do better when setting the goals.

2.       Improve Your Profile

The second step is to improve your profile by ensuring your full name, job title, location, and an interesting bio. You should also mention the companies you have worked with in the past and link them to your personal website or other social profiles you might be having. If you have a hashtag for your brand, use that too.

3.       Create Quality Content

Create quality content that is real, theme-based, and use geotagging as much as possible. Try to use apps, not filters, to improve your photos and make sure you reply to all comments. You mustn't reply to trolls. When creating content, ensure that you tag other brands with large followings. You should also get personal when creating the content and show people who you are as a person. Use the stories feature to update people on what you are up to. It will help to keep the engagement levels high.

4.       Build Out the Connections

If you love the work of another creative person or company, you should follow them avidly and get inspiration. The more people you follow, the better it usually is. Show your interest in their work by liking or commenting on their posts. Try to make a personal connection and reach out to them to get their attention and show them you admire them or want to join them. Make sure you don't harass them or stalk their every move because it's creepy and might harm your personal brand. Also, make sure that you don't follow people/companies that are controversial as you might be considered guilty by association.

5.       Stay Active

When creating a personal brand on Instagram, you can't just do it on and off. Some people create a personal brand to get a new job or a new contract and become inactive. You shouldn't do that. Make sure you post at least once a week to promote your personal brand on Instagram. If you are too busy to post every week, you can schedule the posts for a couple of weeks or even months in advance.

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