Pros and Cons of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have slowly become an integral part of the business world. Many companies recognize them as dependable assets. Virtual assistants are professional individuals capable of handling different tasks. From simple clerical and administrative tasks to highly confidential or technical tasks, they can handle it all. If you are considering hiring one too, read on this blog which highlights the pros and cons of hiring a virtual assistant.

Pros of Hiring Virtual Assistants

1.       Handling Mundane Tasks

Virtual assistants are skilled at handling mundane and repetitive tasks for you so that you don’t have to waste your precious time (as a business owner). Examples of such tasks include follow-up calls and emails, calendar management, travel management, etc.

2.       Minimal Training

If you hire an experienced VA, you don’t need to provide them with much training. Instead, they can often help you organize your office and segregate tasks by priority.

3.       Expertise

Many virtual assistants also have expertise in specific tasks like blog posting, social media management, etc. So, they can handle such tasks with efficiency.

4.       Scalability

When you have a staff shortage or a sudden inflow of tasks due to the arrival of a new client, the VA can help you tackle the extra workload.

5.       Round the Clock Operations

VAs help many businesses become available online 24 by 7 as many VAs are in a different timezone and can ensure your business always seems operational.

6.       Cost-Effective

Hiring virtual assistants is also cost-effective. You can pay them by the hour (which is quite low in many third-world countries) and don’t need to pay them any benefits you offer to the full-time employees (like retirement benefits, insurance, etc.)

Cons of Hiring Virtual Assistants

1.       Communication Challenges

If the VA you have hired speaks a different language, there might be some communication challenges. Also, if they are in another country, you can’t do in-person meetings.

2.       More Supervision Needed

You might also have to supervise the VA at least for a few days until they learn the ropes. It can be a challenge for busy businesspeople.

3.       Delayed Updates

When time zones are different, there might be a few hours delay in getting business updates (like the need to follow-up with a potential client).

4.       Lack of Focus

Many virtual assistants do multiple jobs at a time or tackle multiple clients. So, they might be less focused on your business tasks and more focused on another client. It might negatively impact your business (like they delay the social media posts for your business, and you lose the social media engagement of potential/existing clients).

5.       Data Risk

If you don’t do a thorough background check of the virtual assistant, they might be fake. They might compromise crucial and confidential business data (like your clients’ contact information) by selling the same to your competitors.

6.       Potential Abandonment

A virtual assistant working for many clients might abandon you anytime if they get a better or high-paying client. As a result, your work pace or business operations might suffer.



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