Surprising Vocal Exercises for Public Speaking

When most people consider how to improve or enhance their public speaking skills, they forget about one important thing- their voice. One can improve it with some simple exercises. You can know about the most effective vocal exercises for public speaking here and also get some tips on how to enhance the listening experience of your audience.

Ø  Loosen Up and Shush

When starting with vocal exercises, you need to loosen up. Do that by wiggling your shoulders, relaxing your neck, releasing your jaw, and taking a few deep breaths. It will help shake off extra nerves and make more space in your body. When you breathe, place your hands on your belly and push your stomach into your hands. Then, you need to push air out of the way through the front of your mouth by making an Shhhhhhhh noise.

Ø  Do Some Tongue Trills

Roll your tongue as quickly as you can in your mouth. Do it a few times, and then try to do a few with descending and ascending tones. You can do these about five times each.

Ø  Humming Always Helps

You can also warm up the vocal cords and mouths by humming to yourself. Start with a long Hmmmmmm and hold it for as long as possible. Then, loosen up your mouth and lips when you hum to ensure that you don’t press the lips together. Keep the cheeks and jaw loose as well. Try going up and down with the hum and alternate between descending and ascending hums. You can do it five times for satisfactory results.

Ø  Consider Chanting

Give yourself a solid warm-up by repeatedly chanting the same four or five words. For instance, you can use these words- Meem, Mime, Mohm, Moom. Start using the same tone and then switch to ascending and descending ones. Repeat this exercise until the sounds coming from your throat are not raspy or rough but long and clear.

Ø  Pronounce Perfectly

To get your mouth ready to enunciate the words and sounds clearly, you should practice pronouncing perfectly. You can add a P and T sound to the M sounds like Ma, Pa, Ta, Ma, Pa, Ta. You need to hold these for short and long sounds. Also, try ascending and descending. You can then to enunciate these sounds and ensure that you open your mouth wide on the ‘a’s.’ Do it at least five or ten times.

These exercises will not take more than 5 minutes once you do them regularly and form a habit.

Additional Tips to Prepare Yourself for Public Speaking

Ø  Practice speaking slowly because your voice will seem to have more power and authority when you do.

Ø  Record and listen to your voice. It will help you to know how you can improve.

Ø  You can also record phone conversations so that you can learn to improve your delivery and articulation next time

Ø  Focus on pauses and learn about various kinds of pauses to know how to use them to your advantage.

Ø  Have healthy meals to ensure that you are bright and alert, and your mind and body support you during your public speaking sessions.

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