Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Workaholic

We all know someone who is a workaholic. Their days start with the work schedule and end with the list of work tasks done floating around in their minds. They barely have the time to have food and are always on the go. If your partner is also a workaholic and you want to acknowledge it, a smart way is to give them a Valentine gift that helps them make their work easy. Here are a few well-chosen Valentine’s day gift ideas for the workaholic people.

1.       Tile-Mate

If your workaholic partner often keeps losing their keys or wallet, this gift will help them use a phone app to locate it. It also comes with a location beacon feature.

2.       Waterproof Notepad

Ideas can hit workaholics even in the shower or when relieving themselves in the toilet. For such emergencies, you can gift them a waterproof notepad to put their ideas before they forget.

3.       A Hydroflask

Workaholics are often addicted to tea or coffee. If your partner is the same, you can gift them a hydro flask that will help maintain the temperature of the hot beverages.

4.       Desk Organizer

As workaholics have a lot on their plate, they often have a lot on their desks. To help them declutter and stay organized, you can gift them a desk organizer.

5.       A Smartwatch

To help your workaholic partner stay on schedule and talk as they are on the go, you can gift them a smartwatch. Apple smartwatches are a good bet.

6.       An Audible Membership

If your partner likes to enhance their knowledge via books. You can give them an audible membership to listen on the go and enhance their work knowledge, skills, and expertise further. They can find the best books on any subject on Audible.

7.       A Subscription to Evernote Premium

Many workaholics use Evernote premium to turn notes into presentations, sync across devices, and access notes even offline, among other features. If your partner also loves Evernote, you can buy a subscription for them.

8.       Office Wall Art

In case your partner is very conscious about their office space, or home office space, you can give them some wall art for their office. The art might be of something they love, like a sport, landscapes, or even an architectural marvel. The art might help them soothe the stress and have a few quiet moments in a day.

9.       Engraved Pen/ Diary

If you want to offer a customized gift, you can offer them an engraved pen and diary that they can carry to business meetings and never lose accidentally!

10.   Health-Oriented Gift Ideas

Many workaholics are so addicted to work that they don’t think much about healthy activities. You can help them stay healthy by offering a healthy subscription like a subscription to a yoga or Pilates class or buying a comfortable cushion for their back if they spend most of the time on a desk. You can also offer them healthy snacks to munch on while working, rather than just surviving on coffee!

Got more ideas? Please share them with us in the comments!



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