Valentine’s Day STEM Activities for Kids

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about adults and teenagers only. It can be special for kids as well. An effortless way to make that happen is to plan some Valentine’s day activities for kids. STEM activities, which take science and builds in elements of technology, engineering, math, and often art, can be a good option. Here’s a list of some simple and valuable Valentine’s day STEM activities for kids you can try.

1.       Get Started with a Tinker Tray

Start Valentine’s day season with a tinker tray. You need to visit a local dollar store or a seasonal aisle of any big box store near you to find inexpensive materials for a tinker tray.

2.       Slime Activities

You can plan several Valentine’s day slime activities like fluffy slime, saline slime, and many more.

3.       Create a LEGO Marble Maze

Another fun activity is to let your kid build a LEGO marble base with a base plate, LEGO bricks, and a marble. It’s pretty simple.

4.       Build a Heart-Shaped Tower

Your kid can also take on the Heart Cup Tower Challenge and build one the size that suits their age. Smaller tower for little kids and a bigger one for big kids.

5.       Create Color Changing Flowers

If your kid likes art, you can motivate them to make color-changing flowers. All they will need are some white flowers, food colors, and water.

6.       Make Chocolates

One of the most fun and edible chemistry activity for kids is to make chocolates. Add in some sprinklers on the top to make everything colorful.

7.       Try Homemade Heart-Shaped Marshmallows

You can plan a surprise for your partner along with a little help from your kid. Make marshmallows and explain the fascinating science principles to your little munchkin.

8.       Make Gummies

You can also make heart and flower gummies for Valentine’s Day. During this activity, your kid can study how polymers work and how delicious they can be. Most kids love candy science and want to learn more about why marshmallows are so fluffy, soft, and tasty.

9.       Glow Heart LED Circuits

Use glue and salt to create simple glow heart LED circuits. It’s a simple activity that will surely intrigue your kid.

10.   Craft a 3D Pop Up Spinning Card

You can also collaborate with your kid to create a 3D pop-up spinning card that will pop up and spin when someone opens it. Your kid can gift it to someone special.

11.   Create Stunning Candles

If your kid is a little older, you can try some tricky engineering with beeswax and make a heart or flower-shaped beeswax candle. You and your kid can gift them to those you want to show some love to.

12.   Make Stress Ball Squishy

In case you want to keep your tween or teen engaged this Valentine’s day, you can motivate them to make a few squishy stress balls that they can customize to suit their sensory preferences.

Final Words

There are countless Valentine’s Day STEM activities you can try in 2022. You can try a few of them to keep your kid engaged and boost their learning in a crafty way!

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