What Type of Flowers to Gift for Every Occasion?

When picking flowers for a special occasion, most of us go with the colors we like or think would suit the occasion. We don't usually give a second thought to whether the flowers are meant for a special occasion or not. If you are nodding your head in agreement, read on to know what type of flowers to gift for every occasion.

Ø  Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the essentials when you plan to attend a wedding. They are often expected. Some of the flowers you can buy for a couple are red roses that symbolize passionate love or peonies that symbolize good fortune, happy marriage, and prosperity. You can also go with Amaryllis, which symbolizes love and determination, Calla lilies, which symbolize regality and elegance, Gardenias which symbolize joy and Hydrangeas, which symbolize perseverance and heartfelt emotion.

Ø  Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day is just a few days away. So, you should start thinking of what flowers to gift to your spouse, love interest, or friend. Usually, red roses symbolize passion, yellow roses symbolize friendship, white roses symbolize chaste love, coral roses symbolize desire, primroses symbolize new love or new beginnings, and pink roses symbolize admiration. Read more about rose colors and meanings over here.

Ø  Flowers in the Corporate World

In the corporate world, flowers are often expected too. Here we tell you which flowers are best for which person and occasion.

Ø  Flowers for Team Members

When appreciating a team member, a CEO or boss should send fresh flowers along with fresh fruit or a dry fruit basket. In most cases, a bouquet made of yellow roses, peonies, tulips, and daisies is an innovative idea. You can also be smart and send flowers with minimal scent. It is also good to pick potted plants such as succulents or Lucky Bamboo.

Ø  Flowers for Boss

If you want to send a birthday or anniversary flower bouquet to your boss as a team or an individual, you should again go for a mixed flowers bouquet. Avoid red roses as they might be misconstrued. Also, don't give flowers publicly if you are gifting them as an individual, as it might come off as a desperate attempt to gain attention or favor from superiors.

Ø  Flowers for Clients or Business Partners

The relationship with the clients/ business partners is one of the most precious ones for a business. If you want to send flowers to clients/business partners to congratulate them on personal achievement, expand their business, or accept your proposal, you should pick simple flowers. You can go with orchids or daisies and pair them with a traditional sweet or dry fruit box.

If you want to send something personalized, you can send flowers along with a voucher for their favorite shopping website or a preferred restaurant. You can also replace the flowers with potted plants as they are quite easy to maintain and can fit into any space. Indoor plants can be a good bet.







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